Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – Walkthrough | Low-Spoilers Guide

Walkthrough | Low-Spoilers Guide – Table of Contents

Wrecked Ship [Rescue]


The Wrecked Ship is a lengthy part of the game, and is completely set apart from the Baker Farm. You’ll need to collect new weapons and items here. You won’t be able obtain all your gear from the Item Box until later. For now, we’ll cover all the steps you’ll need to complete to finish this section alive.

  • Enter Wrecked Ship S3 and follow the linear path up to the room with the hallucination. Enter the crawlspace through the open hatch. Continue up to Wrecked Ship 1F.
  • Get the [General Purpose Fuse] and use it on the locked door to the Stairwell.
    • [General Purpose Fuse] is located in the back of the Laundry Room. Watch for a green light.
  • Go up to Wrecked Ship 3F. Enter the Security Room. Collect the [Old Videotape] and insert it in the VCR.


  • For this section, watch the proximity meter on your clock.
    • Go through the Bunk Room and into the Dining Room. Crawl through the vent to enter the Kitchen. Interact with the biomass to continue.
  • Return to the Elevator and ride down to Ship S2. Fight to Engine Room #2.
    • Collect the [Remote Bombs] outside Engine Room #1.
  • Use [Corrosive] on the Engine Room #2 door to enter.
    • Get the [Corrosives] in the side-room past the doors to Engine Room #2.
  • Fight back to the Elevator and ride up to Ship 3F.
    • Open the Elevator doors and crawl up to Ship 2F.
  • Go back to the Bedroom, then go to the Lounge adjacent to the Dining Room. Climb into the vent to reach the Stairwell. Go up to Ship 3F and find your companion. Interact with the laptop and move out to the hall to complete the tape.

Wrecked Ship [Rescue] – Continued

  • Back in the present, you’ll want to reach Wrecked Ship 4F. Open the Elevator doors manually and climb the ladder to drop into the Bridge. Use the monitor to find your next goal — getting to Wrecked Ship S2, Engine Room #2.
  • GOAL: Repair the Elevator to reach Wrecked Ship S2, Engine Room #2.
    • Key Items: [Lug Wrench], [General Purpose Fuse], [Power Cable]
  • Get the [Lug Wrench] from the Captain’s Cabin. Drop down into the Elevator Shaft and use the [Lug Wrench] to open the hatch.
  • To repair the Elevator, you’ll need two items:
    • [General Purpose Fuse]: Get the [Fuse] from the Wrecked Ship 1F, Stairwell door.
    • [Power Cable]: Get the [Power Cable] from the Wrecked Ship 3F, Sick Bay. Reach the Sick Bay through the [Corrosive] door in Wrecked Ship 3F, Control Room.
  • You’ll also need [Corrosives] — collect x3 in Wrecked Ship 2F, Lounge. There is x1 in Wrecked Ship 2F, Guest Room.
    • Solve the puzzle in Wrecked Ship 2F, Lounge to get x3 [Corrosive]. Match the paintings to open the compartment.
  • There are three weapons you’ll need to survive.
    • MPM Handgun Location: Wrecked Ship 1F, Maintenance Room
    • Survival Knife Location: Wrecked Ship 2F, Hallway (Near the Elevator)
    • P19 Machine Gun: Wrecked Ship 4F, Captain’s Cabin
      • Needs the [Captain’s Cabin Locker Key]. Find it through the [Corrosive] door on Wrecked Ship 2F.
  • When you have both the [Power Cable] and the [General Purpose Fuse], plug both into the Elevator. Now you can ride down to Wrecked Ship S2.
  • Fight to No. 2 Engine Room to complete the rescue.