Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – Walkthrough | Low-Spoilers Guide

Walkthrough | Low-Spoilers Guide – Table of Contents

Salt Mine [Finale]


This is it, the final stretch of Resident Evil 7. Collect your lost items at the first Item Box, and be prepared for a long fight. The rest of the game is fairly straightforward, so grab as much gear as you can carry. This is the time to use all that ammo you’ve been saving.

  • Leaving the Wrecked Ship, enter the Swamp. It leads into a small Save Room shack with an Item Box.
    • You can also use any [Antique Coins] you have left. The Item Bird Cages have been transported to this Save Room.
  • GOAL: Create and use the [E-Necrotoxin]
    • Key Items: [Tissue Samples], [E-Necrotoxin]
  • Leave the Save Room. In the field ahead, fight x4 [Molded]. x2 [Molded] will appear after the first group is killed.
  • Use the Elevator and ride down into the Salt Mine. A [4-Legged Molded] will attack. Ahead, watch out for [Tripwire Mines].
    • In the next passage, a [Molded] and [4-Legged Molded] will spawn from behind.
  • Rush ahead and push the Minecart at the top of the tracks to break through the wooden barrier. Follow the path to the Secret Lab.
    • Insert the [Tissue Sample] into the case in the center of the Secret Lab room. Take the [E-Necrotoxin] — now you’re ready for the final battle.
  • Continue to the Secret Lab Save Room. Collect the x2 [Flame Rounds] and x1 [Neuro Round] here.
  • Crawl into the Abandoned Mine. This area is a gauntlet of [Molded] — more will appear as you progress up the shaft.
  • Fight to the top to reach a pit that’s open to the sky. Two [Fat Molded] will appear here. Use the [Grenade Launcher] or [44 MAG][Neuro Rounds] will especially help.
    • When the [Fat Molded] are clear, climb the ladder up. Crawl through the narrow space to reach the final Save Room. Through the door ahead, you’ll return to the Guest House.
  • Go to the back door through the Kitchen. When the [Stalker] appears, retreat toward the Attic.
  • Once you reach Guest House 2F, shoot the [Stalkers] as they appear. The [P19 Machine Gun] is perfect. One shot is enough to make them disappear.
    • Go upstairs to initiate the [Final Battle].
  •  Sprint forward and [Block] when a burst of energy appears. Get close enough to administer the [E-Necrotoxin] to complete the first phase.
    • Shoot the growth as it appears. When you’re cornered, it will grab you. Keep shooting! There’s no trick here. If you’re low on health, use a [First Aid Med].
  • When lifted up, keep shooting until you’re dropped. Grab the [Albert-01R] and aim for the creature’s open mouth to finish this thing once and for all.