Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – Walkthrough | Low-Spoilers Guide

Walkthrough | Low-Spoilers Guide – Table of Contents

Old House [Serum Component #1]


The creepy Old House is where you’ll find the first part of the [Serum] required to cure the mysterious virus. To fully explore the Old House, you’ll need to build the [Flamethrower] and acquire the [Crow] key. There are puzzles to solve, and the first [Backpack] upgrade can be found in the Save Room. Beware, a [Stalker] is a constant presence here.

  • Go through the unlocked gate to reach the Old House.
  • GOAL: Find the first [Serum Component]
    • Key Items: [Burner], [Stone Statuette], [Crank], [Crow Key], [Lantern]
  • The first step is to construct the [Burner] to destroy the nests.
    • Burner Grip: Located on the deck outside the Gallery.
    • Burner Nozzle: Located in the Water Station. Follow the walkways outside the Dining Room.
  • Combine the [Burner Grip] and [Burner Nozzle] to collect the [Burner]. Use this to clear nests and bug swarms.
  • Use the [Burner] to access the Old House 1F, Cellar room. Collect the [Stone Statuette].
    • [Stalker Event Trigger] — Collecting the [Stone Statuette] will summon a [Stalker].
  • Go to the Gallery and place the [Stone Statuette] on the pedestal. Move the statue to to resemble a spider to solve the puzzle and escape the [Stalker] temporarily.
  • Enter the crawlspace and collect the [Crank]. Use to to create a shortcut over the collapsed floor, then use it on the drawbridge near the Water Station.
  • Collect the [Crow Key] from the Outhouse and return to the [Crow Key] door in Old House 2F to access the Altar.
    • [BOSS BATTLE WARNING] — Approaching the [Crow Key] Emblem Door will initiate a [Boss Battle].
  • At the Altar, open the case and read the note. Then answer the telephone. Check the locked door upstairs — there is a pendulum. To open the door, you’ll need the [Lantern].
  • Return to the pit at the bottom of the steps to the Altar. Climb down and follow the path to the Old House, Greenhouse.
    • Now that you have the [Crow Key], return to the Old House 1F, Drawing Room to access the Supplies room and collect the [Grenade Launcher].
  • Enter the Old House, Greenhouse using the stairs and drop into the hole in the floor. Here, you’ll encounter a particularly tough [Boss Battle].
    • [BOSS BATTLE WARNING] — Dropping down and approaching the stairwell window will begin the [Boss Battle]. Come prepared.
  • Collect the [Lantern] after the battle, and take it to Old House 2F, Altar. Use it to open the pendulum door, and reach the bedroom. Push on the wall behind the bed in the last room and collect the [D-Series Arm].
    • As you leave, [Molded] will spawn. Use the [Shotgun] to deal with them.
  •  Return to the Yard, Trailer to complete this section. As you pass through the Altar, answer the phone.