Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – Walkthrough | Low-Spoilers Guide

Walkthrough | Low-Spoilers Guide – Table of Contents

Processing Area [Red Dog’s Head]


The Processing Area is the basement of the Main House, and it is infested with Molded. The goal here is to collect the [Red Dog’s Head] and escape to reach the Yard. There’s a [BOSS BATTLE] at the end, so stay prepared and stocked up on healing items.

  • Go downstairs from the Main House 1F Save Room to enter the Processing Area.
  • GOAL: Collect the [Red Dog’s Head] and reach the Yard.
    • Key Items: [Scorpion Key], [Dissection Room Key]
  • Go to the Incinerator Room and solve the puzzle to collect the [Dissection Room Key].
    • Open the chamber door with the bloody handprint and the right-most chamber door. The left-most chamber door will open. There is a [Molded] and the [Dissection Room Key] on the gurney.
  • Continue through the green shutter door and collect the [Scorpion Key] from the meat.
    • With the [Scorpion Key], go to Main House 2F, Grandma’s Room and collect the [Broken Shotgun]. Use in in the [Main Hall] to swap for the [M37 Shotgun].
  • Go through the [Boiler Room] to the [Dissection Room]. Use the [Dissection Room Key] to open the locked door. Take the [Red Dog’s Head] from the shelf.
  • Circle around to enter the [Morgue]. The [Red Dog’s Head] is hanging near the ledge on the opposite side of the entrance.
    • [BOSS BATTLE WARNING] — Taking the [Red Dog’s Head] will initiate a [Boss Battle]. Shoot the boss until it collects a new weapon. When this happens, take the [Chainsaw] from the the gurney, through the broken metal fence. Use it to defeat the boss — hold both [L2 / R2] when the mutant growth appears.
  • Use the [Chainsaw] on the metal door to escape. Return to the Main Hall and insert all three [Dog’s Head] emblems into the door. You can now access the Yard.
  • The Yard, Trailer room is the central hub and save point. There are three item bird cages here — spend Antique coins to get the three items:
    • Steroids: Permanent health upgrade.
    • Stabilizer: Permanent reload speed upgrade.
    • MAG 44: Magnum handgun.
  • Answer the phone in the Yard, Trailer to get your next objective — search the Old House for the serum formula.