Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – Walkthrough | Low-Spoilers Guide

Walkthrough | Low-Spoilers Guide – Table of Contents

Guest House [Prologue]


The first part of RE7 follows a very rigid, scripted structure. When things open up, you’ll find fewer direct references to events and just the straight-forward steps you’ll need to take. Due to how this section is presented, we have to explain in a little more detail.

  • Follow the path to the Guest House interior. Inside, use the switch in the fireplace to open the secret door. Climb down and follow the flooded passage to the cell.
  • Collect the [KEY ITEM: Bolt Cutters]. Now use them when interacting with the cell door to cut the chains off. Approach the person inside and follow her through the basement.
    • [KEY ITEM: Bolt Cutters] — On the work table, to the left of the cell.
  • In the sealed room, the prisoner will stop. Continue into the adjacent room until there is a struggle. Go through the new passage, upstairs, and into the bathroom.
    • Collect two First Aid Meds, then return to the basement stairs when you hear a knocking sound.
  • After the battle, press [R1] to use First Aid Meds. Explore, then walk over the unconscious NPC.
    • [BOSS BATTLE WARNING] — This initiates the first boss battle.
  • Pick up the ringing phone after the battle. The door down the hall will open.
  • Use [Bolt Cutters] on the cupboard next to the kitchen to get [Fuse] — go to Guest House 1F, Living Room to insert the [Fuse].
  • Go to Guest House 2F and press the red button to lower the attic stairs. There is a Save Point here.
  • Enter Guest House 3F and collect the M19 Handgun. Take the Bullets and First Aid Meds here, too.
    • There are more Bullets in the room with the Escape Ladder. Also scavenge Bullets in the adjacent room here to fully prepare yourself.
  •  Climb the Escape Ladder to the window in Guest House 3F.
    • [BOSS BATTLE WARNING] — This initiates the second boss battle. Use First Aid Meds and shoot wildly — your items (except Antique Coins) will not carry over.
  • After the battle, leave through the Attic Hallway door to complete the Guest House.