Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – Walkthrough | Low-Spoilers Guide

Walkthrough | Low-Spoilers Guide – Table of Contents

Main House [Blue & White Dog’s Head]


This is when the game opens up considerably. You’ll have the Main Hall and Main House 2F to explore. The main goal is to escape through the front door. To do that, you’ll need to collect three Dog Head Emblems. Two of these Emblems are in the Main House proper — the last is somewhere new. For now, we’ll focus on getting the first two emblems.

  • Entering the Main Hall, immediately answer the ringing phone.
  • GOAL: Collect x3 [Dog Head Emblems] and open the door to the Yard.
    • Key Items: [Blue Dog’s Head], [White Dog’s Head], [Clock Pendulum], [Wooden Statuette]
  • The area is clear of enemies and [Stalkers]. Feel free to fully explore and collect items now. The [Stalker Event Trigger] will be explained below.
  • Collect the two [Dog Head Emblems] in the Main House. Place both [Dog Head Emblems] on the Main Hall Dog Head Emblem Door once you collect them.
    • [Blue Dog’s Head] – Interact with a book to the left of the bar in Main House 2F, Recreation Room. Take the Emblem after opening the book.
    • [White Dog’s Head] – Collect the [Clock Pendulum] from the Grandfather Clock in Main House 1F, Main Hall. Take it to Main House 1F, Living Room and place the [Clock Pendulum] on the clock. Take the [White Dog’s Head] when it appears.
  • Ignore the [Shotgun] in the Main Hall. You won’t be able to get it until you find the [Scorpion Key].
  • Go to Main House 2F, Bathroom and drain the bathtub. Once drained, collect the [Wooden Statuette].
    • [Stalker Trigger Event] — Collecting the [Wooden Statuette] triggers a [Stalker] appearance.
  • Run to Main House 1F, Main Hall and place the [Wooden Statuette] on the pedestal. Rotate it so that the shadow matches the eagle and a secret door will open. Crawl through to reach the Drawing Room.
  • Past the Drawing Room, you’ll enter a room covered in black slime. Here you’ll encounter your first Molded.
    • Retreat, keep distance, and aim for the head. Kill every Molded you see. Molded can be locked in rooms or blocked off simply by closing doors. They cannot open or destroy regular doors.
  • Continue to the Main House 1F Save Room. The last [Dog’s Head Emblem] is downstairs, in the [Processing Area].