Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – Walkthrough | Low-Spoilers Guide

Walkthrough | Low-Spoilers Guide – Table of Contents

Main House [Keycard Red & Blue]


Back at the Yard, Trailer you’ll find a distinct lack of Zoe. It’s time to deal with Lucas. To enter the Testing Area, you’ll need to collect the [Snake Key] and get both [Key Cards]. There are two puzzles to solve and more enemies in an altered Main House. Watch out for all the extra Molded monsters that appear as you hunt down the keycards.

  • Answer the phone in the Trailer to start off the hunt. Open the refrigerator and read the note on the back of the [Deputy Head].
  • GOAL: Collect the [Keycard (Red)] and [Keycard (Blue)] to enter the Testing Area.
    • Key Items: [Snake Key]
  • To get the [Snake Key], go down to the [Dissection Room] in the Processing Area. Search the corpse to gain the [Snake Key].
  • With the [Snake Key] in your inventory, you can now collect the [Keycards].
    • [Keycard (Red)]: In the Master Bedroom, interact with the clock and move the arms to [10:15] to open a secret passage. Follow the path down to the Workshop to collect the [Keycard (Red)].
    • [Keycard (Blue)]: Enter the Kid’s Room and use the hidden button on the lamp to reach the Attic. Interact with the pedestal and complete projector puzzle to match the axe-wielding man to unlock the doll house with the [Keycard (Blue)] item.
  • Once you have both [Keycards], take them to the flashing Testing Area door and insert them into both slots. The door will unlock, allowing you to enter the next section.