Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – Walkthrough | Low-Spoilers Guide

Walkthrough – Table of Contents

Main House [Ox Statuette]


The first real challenges of RE7 appear in this chapter. Beware the [Stalkers] — from here on, we’ll mention any [Stalker Trigger Events] — these are points of progression that will summon a [Stalker].

There are many different [Stalkers], and you’ll want to avoid them all. Don’t waste precious bullets on them. If they see you, run and hide. Slam doors as you move to stop line-of-sight and help your escape.

After the opening scene, you’ll be able to escape.

  • Rock the [D-Pad] left and right to escape.
    • There is a [Herb] in the Kitchen waistbasket.
  • GOAL: Reach Main Hall with the [Ox Statuette]
    • Key Items: [Pocket Knife], [Hatch Key]
  • Go down the hallway to encounter your first [Stalker]. Run and hide in Main House 1F, Pantry and crouch behind the boxes to escape.
    • [Stalker Trigger Event] — Walk toward the [Stalker] in the East Wing hallway.
  •  When the [Stalker] is unaware, backtrack to the same hallway. Circle around to the Main House 1F, Pantry and collect the [Hatch Key] from the white corner table.
  • Use the [Hatch Key] on the hatch in Main House 1F, Pantry to Escape.
  • The crawlspace leads to Main House 1F, Laundry Room. This is a Save Room.
    • All Save Rooms include a Tape Recorder (for Saving) and and an Item Box. Store items you don’t need in the Item Box.
  • Leave the Laundry Room and answer the phone.
  • Go to the locked Main Hall doors, then answer the knocking at the windows to get the [Knife] weapon.
    • [KEY ITEM: Knife] — Gained during the cutscene when approaching the knocking window. Use it to cut open the taped-up control box for the Garage door.
  • When you’re ready, use the [Knife] on the shutter controls and enter the Garage.
    • [BOSS BATTLE WARNING] — Entering the Garage initiates a boss battle. Don’t try to fight. Get the [Car Keys] and use the car.
  • After the battle, climb the ladder and interact with the framed picture. Use the screw on the back, then flip it around to collect the [Ox Statuette] — you can now access the Main Hall. Push the shelf (with the frame) to exit the Garage.
  • Go to the Main Hall doors and insert the [Ox Statuette] to complete this section.