Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – Walkthrough | Low-Spoilers Guide

Walkthrough | Low-Spoilers Guide – Table of Contents

Testing Area [Serum Component #2]


The cruel Testing Area is Lucas’ personal playground. It’s full of dangerous Molded, explosive traps, and tricky encounters. Survival means you’ll need to watch your surroundings, and avoid being tricked by Lucas. It all leads to a nefarious puzzle with (seemingly) no way to escape.

  • Enter the Testing Area through the locked door. Input [Keycard (Red)] and [Keycard (Blue)], then interact with the television upstairs.
  • GOAL: Get the [Serum Component #2] and create the [Serum]
    • Key Items: [Battery], [Candle], [Valve Handle]
  • Progress through the Testing Area until you reach the Party Room door.
    • The rooms contain tripwire explosives. Look for the wires and avoid touching them. Shoot the bombs to set them off and avoid damage. Crates are also rigged to explode. Shoot them to avoid taking damage.
  • Interact with the keypad.
    • Input Codes: 0814, 0621, 0514
  • Whatever code you pick, stand away from the door to avoid an instant death. A secret door will open. Follow this new path. Continue into the Barn and upstairs to the Save Room.
    • Prep for a fight.
  • Drop into the area with the elevator shaft. Collect the [Battery] and plug it into the empty space downstairs.
    • Defeat the [Molded] and use the elevator to continue.
  • Leaving the elevator, look at the note. The code to the Party Room is 1408.
    • Lower the stairs to return to the Party Room keypad.
  • Input the code 1408 and drop off all items in the Item Box before entering the Party Room. Everything, including health items and ammo, must be placed in the Item Box.
    • Before entering, this is your last chance to watch the [Happy Birthday] videotape. This tape is found in Main House 3F, Attic. Look in the cupboard after climbing the ladder. Use this tape to learn how to “break” the Party Room puzzle. You do NOT have to complete this VHS to survive.
  • How to Survive the Party Room:
    1. Take the [Candle] and enter the Cake Room. Leave and relight the [Candle] with the Oven.
    2. Burn the rope on the door to the right of the monitors.
    3. Input the code [LOSER] in the padlock.
    4. Take the [Valve Handle] and insert it in the pipe to the left as you enter the Cake Room.
    5. Relight the [Candle] one more time and place it on the cake.
  • You survived! Grab the [Time Bomb] and place it in the ruined section of wall to the right of the cake. Then take cover.
  • Enter the Monitor Room through the new passage and collect your items from the Item Box.
    • Take the [D-Series Head] from the desk.
  • Get the [Crank] and use it to raise the bridge to the Boat House. Raise the second bridge with the [Crank] and fight to the Boat House interior.
  • Bring the [D-Series Arm] and [D-Series Head] upstairs to create the [Serum].
    • [BOSS BATTLE WARNING] — Creating the [Serum] will initiate a [Boss Battle].
  • After the battle, you’ll have to make a choice.
    • Left Choice: Good Ending
    • Right Choice: Bad Ending
  • Once you select, you’ll begin the next chapter.