Pokemon Sun & Moon: Swap Pokemon In-Game With These NPC Traders

If you’re willing to part with one of your precious Pokemon, there are traders all over the Alola Region ready to trade their hard-earned creatures away. Pokemon Sun and Moon continues the trading tradition, and you won’t have to get online to do it either. Here you’ll find all the NPC traders available, and what Pokemon they’re ready to trade away.

The only annoying thing about NPC traders? They’re always on the lookout for specific Pokemon. Make sure you bring duplicates before trading away your only Haunter. Some of these Pokemon aren’t even easy to find, or you’ll need to evolve them. That can get annoying — especially for someone that wants to keep a living Pokedex going. Just be prepared!

NPC Traders — Locations Guide

NPC Traders are regular NPCs that will trade Pokemon with you. Talk to them, and they’ll offer to trade — but only if you have the specific Pokemon that NPC is looking for. Below, we’ll list NPC locations, the Pokemon they’re going to give you, and the Pokemon they want. After a Pokemon is traded away to an NPC trader, there’s no way to get them back.


Melemele Island

  • Machop (Level 9) – NPC Trader
    • Location: Route 2, Pokemon Center — Girl to the right of the entrance interior.
    • Trade: Requests a Spearow.

Akala Island

  • Poliwhirl (Level 22) – NPC Trader
    • Location: Konikoni City, Pokemon Center — Child standing near the cafe.
    • Trade: Requests a Zubat.
      • The Poliwhirl comes with Waterium Z.
  • Bounsweet (Level 16) – NPC Trader

    • Location: Route 5, Pokemon Center — Trainer standing near the cafe.
    • Trade: Requests a Lillipup.
      • The Bounsweet comes with Bright Powder.

Ula’ula Island

  • Happiny (Level 27) – NPC Trader
    • Location: Malie City, Sushi High Roller — Tourist sitting in the right corner.
    • Trade: Requests a Pancham.
  • Graveler / Golem (Level 32) – NPC Trader

    • Location: Tapu Village, Pokemon Center — Backpacker to the left of the entrance interior.
    • Trade: Requests a Haunter
      • The Graveler transforms into a Golem after the trade is complete.
      • The Graveler / Golem comes with Rockium Z.

Poni Island

  • Steenee (Level 43) – NPC Trader
    • Location: Seafolk Village — Veteran standing to the right of the central veranda.
    • Trade: Requests a Granbull.
      • The Steenee comes with Grassium Z.
  • Talonflame (Level 43) – NPC Trader

    • Location: Poni Gauntlet — Punk to the right, before entering the Battle Tree.
    • Trade: Requests a Bewear.
      • The Talonflame comes with Firium Z and its Hidden Ability.

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