Pokemon Go Is Now Selling Three Special Types of Holiday Boxes

Pokemon Go is celebrating the holidays with another treat for its players. Players can now purchase a variety of useful items with Pokecoins at a discounted price.

Niantic has released three special holiday boxes that contain bundled items. The boxes come in three tiers: Special, Great, and Ultra. Special Boxes cost 250 Pokecoins and contain 10 Great Balls and 2 Egg Incubators. Great Boxes cost 550 Pokecoins and contain 20 Great Balls, 2 Incense, and 4 Egg Incubators. The highest tier the Ultra Boxes, and these cost 1500 Pokecoins and contain 20 Ultra Balls, 25 Incense, and 6 Egg Incubators.

These boxes will, as expected, only be available for a limited time, with this particular promotion running until December 30th. From December 30th until January 3rd, they will be replaced by a second set of holiday boxes. These boxes are referred to as Bronze, Silver, and Gold Holiday Boxes.

Niantic has not yet revealed what their second set of boxes will contain, but they have officially stated they will contain, “Incense, Lure Modules, Lucky Eggs, Poke Balls, and Great Balls.”

These boxes are a pretty good deal, as if a player bought each item contained in the boxes separately, they would spend more money than they would buying the box. Also, you can’t normally purchase Great Balls, or Ultra Balls, so getting items like that is an extra added bonus.