Destiny Players Find Mysterious Messages in Dawning Gifts

Earlier today, Guardians began to discover a new item after opening a newly added free daily gift box known as the box of fortunes. Instead of getting a resource item, players get a paper fortune which is then added into the consumable portion of the inventory. According to the community, the description tied to the fortune is randomized and there are at least 26 possible messages.

The descriptions range from inspirational, to funny, to just plain weird. Here are some of the possible fortunes that you could come across:

  • An unusual amount of engrams will turn into strange coins.
  • Master Rahool will surprise you. Then he will disappoint you.
  • You are not alone.
  • Listen to the quiet and learn what it has to teach you
  • Shaxx will inevitably shout at you
  • Your future is full of Glimmer, engrams, Strange Coins, and legendary Marks
  • You warm others in the coldest times
  • You will pull off a stunning upset in the Crucible
  • Your pockets will overflow with Glimmer
  • Listen to the quiet and learn what it has to teach you
  • You will fail to impress Eris. but then, so will everyone else
  • The Speaker will dream of beautiful and terrible things
  • You have much to offer those you meet, and they have much to teach you.
  • You will forget to thank your ghost. Again. Sheesh
  • The world shivers with the sense of change. Anything is possible
  • You will not be forgotten.
  • You stood by the City in its hour of greatest need, and you will do so again
  • When all is lost, you will still be a Guardian, and you will still be enough
  • You will demolish your Sparrow at high speed
  • Help my name is Cayde and I’m stuck writing fortunes in the Tower

In addition, some sharp-eyed players have discovered a grimoire card called Dawning Fortunes. Once a paper fortune is acquired during The Dawning event, the card finally unlocks. The card’s description reads that fortune telling is a longstanding tradition that refugees brough to the Last City long ago. As such, Guardians open boxes containing these fortunes in the hopes for luck and good news.

A debate has broken out in the community as fans continue to speculate whether or not the cards have any meaning. Some think this is just a nice little token before the new year arrives, yet others feel these fortunes may foretell an event that is unknown as of now. Bungie is on vacation, so it looks like fans will be waiting for answers for at least another week.