Rime Steps Into the Sunlight of 2017 With Exotic Re-Reveal Trailer

For a while, Tequila Works has stayed fairly silent on its Wind Waker-esque action adventure Rime, but it seems the developer was simply waiting for the right time to unleash the game into the wild once more.

Thanks to an IGN first, audiences have been given a taste of Rime’s latest gameplay, which showcases the sun-kissed shores and remnants of a mysterious island civilisation, an atmospheric day/night cycle, and a host of mythical creatures ranging from winged warriors to bipedal automatons.

Last year, Rime was picked up by publishers Grey Box and Six Foot in an effort to help bring its story to life. Now that Rime is no longer being published through Sony, its cel shaded aesthetics will be home to not only PlayStation 4, but Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Tequila works has previously explained that Rime draws its spirituality from Ico, but feeds off the gameplay of pure platformers like Jak and Daxter, Mario games and 3D puzzle adventure The Room.

An official release date has not been mapped out at this stage, but stay tuned to Gameranx for the latest updates.