Pokemon Sun & Moon: Earn Levels Fast With These XP Boosting Tips

Save time and effort when leveling up your Pokemon party with these tips and tricks designed to make earning XP even easier in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Getting your Pokemon to level up is the easiest way to win battles against annoying NPC Trainers, and reaching level milestones is by far the most common way to evolve. Earning fast XP is what we all want, and here are a handful of methods to boost your per-minute XP potential.

These are just a handful of ways you can earn XP faster than normal. If you’re looking for simpler ways, why not hunt for those missing Pokemon in your Alola Pokedex? Check out the entries of Pokemon you’ve battled (but not yet caught) and select “Habitat” to see where these Pokemon live. Going on a quick quest to catch Pokemon in your highest-level island with XP Share already activated is a fun way to keep the XP train rolling.

How to Earn XP Super Fast | Easy Leveling Guide

To increase how much XP individual Pokemon earn per battle, check out the following tips.

  1. Increase Pokemon Affection for a 20% XP Boost
    • Using Pokemon Refresh, any Pokemon with 2 out of 5 hearts filled in the Affection meter will gain more XP naturally.
    • 2 Hearts in the Affection meter and your Pokemon will gain 20% more XP.
    • To increase this stat super fast, use Poke Pelago and shake the tree in Isle Abeens daily. Use the Rainbow Beans and feed them to your star Pokemon — you’ll earn full hearts very quickly. Depending on your Pokemon, you may gain multiple hearts with a single Rainbow Bean.
  2. Traded Pokemon Give a 50% XP Boost
    • Any Pokemon that you’ve acquired through training will get a 50% XP increase.
    • Find a friend (or someone you can trust!) and trade all of the Pokemon away and then back again for an instant increase in XP.
  3. Equip the Lucky Egg for a 50% XP Boost
    • After becoming Alola Champion and defeating the Elite 4, return to Route 1 and re-visit Professor Kukui’s Lab on the beach.
    • If you have 50+ Pokemon in your Pokedex, talk to Professor Kukui and he’ll give you the Lucky Egg item.
    • The Lucky Egg is a Held Item that gives a 50% XP boost to whichever Pokemon is holding it.

Have your own awesome tips and tricks for leveling up Pokemon fast? Let us know in the comments!

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