Dishonored 2 has a Free Game Update Incoming, New Game Plus Included

Sequel to the steampunk sneak ’em up hit of 2012, Dishonored 2 released to generally mixed reviews but managed to replicate gameplay from Dishonored while incorporating a choice-based storyline players could experience through two different characters. Originally announced last monthDishonored 2 is now in store for a free game update which further enhances gameplay and introduces a new mode called ‘New Game Plus’.

The update will give players the ability to combine Emily’s abilities together with Corvo’s signature powers, forming multiple custom combinations. New Game Plus, which is unlocked once the main campaign is completed (either with Emily or Corvo), allows you to start all over again as either character with all abilities present, plus any Bonecharm Traits and/or Runes you may have gathered. The free update will be out by December 19, but will enter beta today on PC.

A second free update is also in the works, set to arrive sometime in January 2017. It will offer the ability to select missions, and a custom difficulty settings option, giving players the chance to fine tune the challenge level in their game based on various parameters.

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