Pokemon Sun & Moon: 12 Post-Game Activities Worth Checking Out


There’s always something new to discover in Pokemon Sun and Moon. After becoming Champion, you’ll have the entire Alola Region to explore, including new routes and optional areas. There’s so much to do, it’s pretty easy to overlook (or totally miss!) awesome activities that are absolutely worth your time and effort.

If you’re interested in Easter eggs, unique Pokemon, and bonus challenges to test your team of Pokemon, then keep scrolling to learn about everything that’s available in the Pokemon Sun and Moon post-game experience.

Post-Game Activities Guide

Here are all the activities (and places!) you’ll want to check out for secrets, items, new Pokemon, and more.

Explore All of Eastern Poni Island — And Other Optional Areas!

Poni Island only becomes 100% available to explore after you’ve completed the Elite Four. You’ll access the eastern Island from Hapu’s house on the Ancient Poni Path. All the optional areas include…

  • Poni Island Optional Areas:
    • Poni Grove
    • Poni Plains
      • Poni Meadow
      • Resolution Cave
    • Poni Coast
    • Poni Gauntlet
    • Battle Tree

The Battle Tree is something special all on its own, and there are even more optional caverns to find across the many islands of Alola. Don’t forget to return to these islands to explore these totally optional areas.

  • Melemele Island Optional Areas:
    • Seaward Cave
    • Kala’e Bay
    • Melemele Sea
    • Ten Carat Hill
  • Ula’ula Island Optional Areas:
    • Haina Desert
    • Outer Cape

There are more optional areas to check out. Open your map in the Rotom Pokedex and revisit any dark zones on each island — there’s bound to be new challenges (and new Pokemon!) to discover.


Complete the Eevium-Z Side Quest

If you’re a fan of Eevee, this quest should not be missed. Return to the Thrifty Megamart on Royal Avenue (Akala Island) and speak with the Pokemon Trainer cashier. He’ll talk about his past, and send you on a quest to battle 8 hidden Eevee trainers, each with a different form of the famous type-changing Pokemon.

  • Eevee Trainer Locations:
    • Vaporeon Trainer: Melemele Island, Trainer School — The only woman found on the third floor, to the right of the stairs.
    • Umbreon Trainer: Melemele Island, Hau’oli Cemetery – An old man standing in the northwest corner of the graveyard interior.
    • Glaceon Trainer: Melemele Island, Iki Town – On the west side of town, there’s a single house built on a raised platform. Talk to the old lady in the kitchen.
    • Flareon Trainer: Akala Island, Tide Song Hotel – The old man in the jumpsuit found in the back of the main hotel area.
    • Leafeon Trainer: Akala Island, Hanu Beach – There’s a woman in a bikini in the upper corner of the beach, standing under an umbrella.
    • Jolteon Trainer: Ula’ula Island, Malie Community Center – Old woman on the right, watching TV in the community center.
    • Espeon Trainer: Ula’ula Island, Geothermal Power Plant – Inside the visitor center area, look to the back-left for a TV display with rows of chairs. The old man sitting in the front row is the trainer.
    • Sylveon Trainer: Poni Island, Seafolk Village – Young child standing in the right corner of the Steelix houseboat.

Defeat all eight hidden trainers, and return to the cashier to get your Eevium-Z.

Explore For Tons of New Rewards

The world is your Oyster when you’re champion, and Alola features tons of new goodies to find in your journey back to old locations, and after talking to old friends. Here’s a list of simple stops you’ll want to make to collect tons of easy rewards — no battles required.

  • Melemele Island – Rewardspokemonsumo4-rides
    • Talk to Hau to get the two Z-Crystals for the Starter Pokemon you didn’t choose.
    • Find an Electric Seed next to the fixed bridge.
    • Return to the Pokemon Research Lab (Kukui’s House) to get TM90: Substitute.
    • If your Pokedex is almost complete, you can also find a Lucky Egg at the Pokemon Research Lab.
  • Akala Island – Rewards
    • Visit Paniola Town and talk to Kiawe’s dad in his house to gain a Protector item.
    • Talk to Kahili of the Elite Four at Hano Grand Hotel to get TM92: Trick Room.
    • Speak with Colress on Route 8 to get memory drives for Genesect.
    • In Konikoni Island, visit the restaurant owned by Mallow’s family for a variety of items.
  • Ula’ula Island – Rewards
    • At Po Town, you can purchase a Team Skull tank top from the Pokemon Center.
    • Go back to Aether House on Route 15 to get a free Up-Grade and a Porygon.
    • At the Aether Building on Route 16, you can finally assemble Zygarde — though this is available before the post-game.
    • In Haina Desert, find the old man and talk to him while holding a Solrock/Lunatone to get a prize depending on your version.
  • Poni Island – Rewards
    • Return to Ancient Poni Path and talk to Sina / Dexio to learn about Kalos Mega Evolutions! You’ll also get a Key Stone and Alakazite.
  • Aether Paradise – Rewards
    • Talk to Wicke for two free Big Malasadas.
    • Find and talk to multiple Aether Foundation employees in B2F: Lab Area to gain a bunch of items, including; DNA Splicers, Soul Dew, and Prison Bottle.

There are even more items to earn when you’re ready to fight for them. Check out the entry below to see all the different unique battles available… that aren’t already part of a quest, and don’t involve the Battle Tree. These are all returning battles worth checking out.

Rebattle All Your Old Friends (And Enemies)

Lots of characters are ready for a rematch in Pokemon Sun / Moon, and they’re eager to test the Alola Champion. Show them what it means to be boss and get even more awesome (and exclusive!) rewards in the process. Check back at these locations to battle old friends.

  • Melemele Island – Rebattles
    • Battle Guzma in his house on Route 2 to get the Dawn Stone.
    • Battle the Principal at the Pokemon Trainer’s School to get the King’s Rock.
  • Akula Island – Rebattles
    • Find the GAME FREAK Battle Designer (Morimoto!) and battle him in Heahea City to get an Ovel Charm.
  • Poni Island – Rebattles
    • Visit Poni Breaker Coast and battle the dual Swimmers to get TM94: Surf and TM98: Waterfall.
    • Fight the tourist NPC in the Pokemon Center of Seafolk Village for 6 nuggets.
  • Aether Paradise – Rebattles
    • Battle Faba around 1F: Entrance to get the Dubious Disc.

Those aren’t the only optional fights — you can also return to the Elite Four and defend your title.

Battle the Elite Four Again – Championship Defense

Your first run through the Elite Four is a grueling experience, but if you’re up for an even bigger challenge, you can fight the Elite Four all over again — but everything has been changed.

  • When you return to battle the Elite Four, you’ll find new champions with new Pokemon to tackle.

Basically, you’ll want to come prepared before attempting to defeat the best-of-the-best a second time. If you’re hungry for more unique Pokemon, try returning to Aether Paradise.

Get Gladion’s Unique Pokemon – Type: Null

pksumoqr-51Back in Aether Paradise, take the elevator up to 2F: Conservation Area and talk to Gladion. He’ll gladly give you Type: Null and lots of memory drives. Type: Null is a lean, mean, Ultra Beast fighting machine, and he’s especially useful when you customize it with the memory drives.

To evolve Type: Null, you’ll need to increase happiness. Shake the tree over at Isle Abeens and collect the rainbow beans — feeding rainbow beans to Pokemon drastically increases their affection. A handful of rainbow beans can make any Pokemon love the player.

Grab Cosmog, The First Form Of Lunala / Solgaleo

Cosmog, the cute little puff of space dust that Lillie lugs pksumoqr-68around is actually the first form of the exclusive Sun / Moon legendary Pokemon. This little dude can actually be caught, but you’ll have to return to Ula’ula Island to make it appear.

To get Cosmog, go to the Altar of Sunne / Moone in your version of the game. Visit at night (Pokemon Sun) or day (Pokemon Moon) to travel to an alternate dimension. Whoa.

When you’re in the alternate dimension, take a trip back to the Lake of the Sunne / Moone and collect your Cosmog.

Capture All The Ultra Beasts

There are five Ultra Beasts to capture in Pokemon Sun / Moon, with two being version exclusives you’ll only find in one version of the game. Capturing these alternate-dimension monsters is a little tricky — mostly because you need to find the Looker, an International Police agent that’s tasked with capturing all five loose UBs.


To start the quest, you’ll have to find the Looker and battle his mysterious partner in a Pokemon duel. If you win, you’ll prove your worth and get 10 Beast Balls, specifically designed to help you capture UBs.

  • UB-01: Nihilego (Poison / Rock Type)
    • Looker Location: Akala Island, Route 8 – Find the Looker at the motel to the left of the Pokemon Center.
    • Ultra Beast Location: Akala Island, Diglett Tunnel – A random encounter after accepting the quest from the Looker.
  • UB-02: Buzzwole (Bug / Fighting Type) [Sun Exclusive]
    • Looker Location: Melemele Island, Route 2 – After capturing Nihilego, talk to the Looker and Anabel at the Route 2 motel.
    • Ultra Beast Location: Melemele Island, Melemele Meadow – Another random encounter while exploring the Melemele Meadow, only after accepting the quest from the Looker on Route 2.
  • UB-02: Pheromosa (Bug / Fighting Type) [Moon Exclusive]
    • Looker Location: Melemele Island, Route 2 – After capturing Nihilego, talk to the Looker and Anabel at the Route 2 motel.
    • Ultra Beast Location: Melemele Island, Melemele Meadow – Another random encounter while exploring the Melemele Meadow, only after accepting the quest from the Looker on Route 2.

That’s the first two quest locations, but if you’re looking for more, just follow the link to the complete tutorial below.

Unlock the Battle Tree Arena

The Battle Tree Arena is the last step in your journey across Poni Island. Starting from Poni Grove, you’ll have to make the long trek toward Poni Gauntlet — a series of trainer battles that finally end at the Battle Tree.

The Battle Tree, like other battle ladders before it, is a long series of trainer battles that will test you durability. Here, you can also earn useful points to spend on some of the most important items — evolution stones, Mega Evolutions, and more key items can be purchased from the Battle Tree vendor.

Just as you arrive at the Battle Tree, you’ll encounter a couple of familiar faces…

Battle the Original Heroes – Red & Bluepokemonsumo22-red

Past the Poni Gauntlet, you’ll be greeted by two familiar faces — Red and Blue, the hero and rival from the original Pokemon adventure! They’ve grown up since those early days, and as you enter the Battle Tree, you’ll get your pick of opponents.

Both opponents bring a full compliment of six Pokemon to their respective duels, and they’re prepared for a long fight with Full Heals and Max Potions. Winning will earn you a quick 18,000~ in cash. They are Champions after all, and neither specializes in any one particular type of Pokemon.

This is a fun blast from the past, and you can challenge both in the Battle Tree itself… if you can manage to win duels long enough. If you’re looking to maximize your Pokemon stats, there’s a helpful NPC in the Battle Tree that can help with that.

Analyze Your IVs / EVs – Get the Judge Function

IVs / EVs are the invisible stats most casual players will completely ignore while they battle their way across the Alola Region. For the most part, these stats are completely optional — until you plan on battling friends online, or attempting the Battle Tree.

That’s when breeding the best possible Pokemon becomes important. And thanks to a new feature, you can view your EVs [Press Y while on the Pokemon Summary Screen] and get your stats analyzed for their potential — ranging from poor, decent, pretty good, and best.

To unlock the ability to analyze your IV / EV stats, you’ll need to defeat the Elite Four and check out the Battle Tree Arena. There, talk to an NPC — they’ll give you the ability to analyze your IVs on the Pokemon Summary menu. This ability will only unlock if you’ve also bread 20 Pokemon eggs — so don’t forget to visit Paniola Ranch!

Capture the Final Legendary – Necrozma

pksumoqr-79Remember those quests for the Looker to capture all the rampaging Ultra Beasts? Once that chain of jobs is complete, you’ll have access to one final Pokemon — the Legendary Necrozma. This mysterious and menacing Psychic-type isn’t exactly an Ultra Beast, and isn’t exactly a Pokemon.

  • Where to Find Necrozma:
    • Go to Ten Karat Hill on Melemele Island. Bust through the boulders using the Tauros Ride HM and enter Farthest Hollow. Necrozma spawns in the grassy field in the back-left corner where Rockruffs naturally appear.

Necrozma is also the hardest Pokemon to capture by a pretty wide margin. If you can save that Master Ball Gladion gives you in the story, that’s your best bet at getting it. Otherwise, you better be prepared to toss a dozen or more Ultra Balls.

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