Pokemon Sun & Moon: How to Capture Salamence Early | Rare Guide


Salamence, the powerful dragon / flying dual-type Pokemon can be found on the very first island of Pokemon Sun and Moon. While it isn’t a legendary, it does pack a punch, especially this early in your adventure. You’ll have to make some progress before Salamence is possible, but if you’ve got the patience, it’s a worthwhile critter to capture.

Salamence is the third form of Bagon, and one of the more powerful Pokemon evolutionary lines. Due to its base stats (or EVs) you’ll usually find Salamence outclasses most non-Legendary Pokemon of the same class. Salamence in Pokemon Sun and Moon is no different. Due to that extra strength, capturing it can take some patience. Bring plenty of Pokeballs.

How to Capture Salamence Early | Rare Guide

Salamence is a dragon / flying dual-type Pokemon with higher-than-normal base stats. Normally on Melemele, you’ll only find the junior form of Salamence, Bagon, but at a certain point the SOS mechanic will be introduced.

  • Requirements:pokemonsumo10-salamence1
    • Complete the first trial and defeat the Gumshoos Totem Pokemon to unlock the SOS mechanic for Wild Pokemon.
    • False Swipe learned by a Pokemon will make this method much easier. This way, you can defeat SOS Pokemon but avoid making the “original” Pokemon faint. We want to keep Bagon awake and calling for SOS help.
      • False Swipe’s TM is given by Professor Kukui after defeating Island Kahuna Hala.
    • Adrenaline Orbs are items sold at Pokemon Centers starting once you land on the second island. These items will increase the chance of a Pokemon calling for SOS backup.

After completing the first trial, Pokemon in the wild will use the SOS call to get back-up after they’ve dropped to 50% health.

To get Salamence to appear, we’re going to want Bagon, the junior form of Salamence, to use the SOS mechanic. To improve your chances, purchase Adrenaline Orbs — they’re available after you reach the second island at Pokemon Centers.

  • Where to Hunt for Salamence:
    • Go to Melemele Island, Route 3
    • From the North Entrance, head south and cross the bridge.
    • Continue down the hill path until you find a grassy patch with a berry tree on your right.
    • This is the grassy patch where Bagon will appear.
      • The Bagon has a 1% encounter chance.

The goal is to find a Bagon — and it is rare. It only has a 1% encounter chance so theoretically, it could take 100 changes to finally see a Bagon. Yeah, that’s where the patience comes in. Now let’s go over the steps required to make a Salamence spawn.


Step-by-Step – How to Capture Salamence

  1. Go to the grassy patch south of the bridge at the northern exit in Route 3 of Melemele Island.
  2. Walk the grassy patch until you find a Bagon.
  3. Use Adrenaline Orbs / False Swipe to increase your chances of an SOS.
    • The SOS mechanic unlocks after completing the first trial.
    • Adrenaline Orbs are sold at all Pokemon Centers after finishing Melemele Island.
  4. It can take hours for Bagon to appear — it has a 1% appearance rate.
  5. Once you have Bagon in battle, DO NOT MAKE IT FAINT. 
  6. Defeat the SOS Pokemon it summons. Usually it will be another Bagon.
  7. There is a small (1%) chance Bagon will call a Salamence with SOS.
  8. Continue to defeat SOS Pokemon until Salamence appears. When it does, get rid of Bagon, lower Salamence’s HP and capture.

Bring plenty of Pokeballs, because you don’t want to lose your chance to capture this super-rare Pokemon. It takes a crazy amount of effort, but if you want to get a Salamence this is how you can get it done.

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