Pokemon Sun & Moon: Name Rater, Reminder & More | Key NPC Locations


Key NPCs are the optional characters spread across Pokemon Sun and Moon that offer something special to the player. Some will give you a rating for prizes, others will teach you new skills, while others are optional battles you’ll want to win for big rewards. There are special NPCs all over the place, just waiting for your trainer to find them.

And to help you talk to them all, we’ve put together a list of Key NPC locations, detailing where you’ll find these strange characters. They’re all worth checking out, and not everyone will appear right away. If you don’t see an NPC in your game, simply continue the main story path and check back later — some of these NPCs won’t appear until an Island Kahuna has been defeated.

Key NPCs Guide

[Work-in-Progress: Find more locations soon.]

Key NPCs are unique characters spread across the Alolan Region. These special NPCs have something to offer — a special skill, a feature, or something else you can’t find anywhere else. It’s always worth it to check out every Key NPC, even if you don’t plan on using their services very much. All Key NPCs are optional.

Key NPC Locations

  • Move Deleter
    • Location: Melemele Island, Hau’oli City – Inside the Pokemon Center, to the right. Talk to the old man near the shop.
  • Move Reminder
    • Location: Ula’ula Island, Mount Lanakila – Inside the Pokemon Center before the Elite 4, the old woman on the right.
      • Reminding costs 1 Heart Scale. Earn Heart Scales by going to restaurants (Konikoni City, Seafolk Village, etc) and purchasing a meal. You’ll get a Heart Scale every time.
  • Hidden Power Checker
    • Location: Akala Island, Paniola Ranch – Found in the Daycare Center. Talk to the NPC to the left of the main desk.
  • Pokeball Throw Style Tutor
    • Location: Ula’ula Island – Find the tutor outside the Recycling Plant. The tutor teaches new Pokeball Throwing Styles if you’ve rebattled Trial Captains in their homes.
  • Pledge Tutor
    • Location: Melemele Island, Hau’oli City – Find the Pledge Tutor at the Hau’oli Shopping Mall.
  • Name Rater
    • Location: Akala Island, Heahea City – Find the Name Rater in the Alola Tourist Bureau.
  • Keldeo / Moloetta Tutor
    • Location: Akala Island, Heahea City – Find this tutor at the Hano Grand Hotel.

More locations coming soon!

Trial Captain Home Locations

Trial Captains return to their homes after their respective Island Kahuna is defeated. Finding a Trial Captain’s home allows you to battle them again — and gain special rewards like held-items and Evolution Stones.

Defeating a Trial Captain also allows you to learn new Pokeball Throw Styles — go to the Tutor NPC outside the Recycling Plant on Ula’ula island to learn new styles.

  • Ilima: Hau’oli City – Look for the southwestern house with a pool from the PokeCenter.
  • Lana: Konikoni City – Found in the northwest corner of the city.
  • Mallow: Konikoni City – South of the PokeCenter.

More locations coming soon!

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