Cyberpunk 2077: All Iconic Weapons & Where To Find Them | Unique Gun Locations Guide

You’re nothing without the right weapon in Cyberpunk 2077. Guns are so common in Night City you can buy them from vending machines — but sometimes you’ll find special Iconic weapons. Iconic weapons have special properties that no other guns have, and some of them are the best tools in the game.

Here you’ll find locations for all the Iconic weapons we’ve found so far. Most of them can only be acquired during specific missions — check the list before to see all the different types of weapons. We’ve also listed what makes each one special. Some of them are absolutely unmissable.

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Iconic Revolvers

  • Amnesty (Overture): During the main job “We Gotta Live Together”, find Cassidy in the corner of the Nomad camp and complete the shooting challenge.
    • Increased damage and improved weapon handling.
  • Archangel (Overture): Reward for completing Kerry Eurodyne’s side-job “Off The Leash”.
    • Low recoil and electricity damage with chance to stun.
  • Comrade’s Hammer (RT-47 Burya): Santa Domingo, Arroyo – Obtain the recipe from the leader of an Arroyo Organized Crime Activity hustle.
    • Ridiculously strong revolver that can shoot through walls and deals high Thermal Damage.
  • Crash (Overture): Reward for completing River Ward’s last side-job called “Following The River”.
    • Aiming-Down-Sights and charging cause this revolve to fire full-auto with reduced bullet spread and recoil.
  • Doom Doom (DR5 Nova): Only available if you complete “The Pickup” without killing Dum Dum. Later, you can collect this weapon off of Dum Dum in the “Second Conflict” side-job.
    • Shoots x4 bullets per trigger pull. High damage, rate of fire, and dismemberment chance — but low accuracy and high recoil.

Iconic Pistols

  • Apparition (JKE-X2 Kenshin): Found on Frank’s body during the “War Pig” side-job.
    • Becomes more powerful when your health is low. Charged shots deal x2 damage.
  • Chaos (JKE-X2 Kenshin): Dropped by Royce in the main job “The Pickup” in Act 1. Pick it up after the Royce boss battle.
    • Randomized critical and status effect after each reload.
  • Dying Night (M-10AF Lexington): Watson, Little China – At the start of the game, you’ll get a call telling you to check the 2nd Amendment store. You can pick up the gun for free.
    • Fast reload, +50% headshot damage.
  • Genjiroh (HJKE-11 Yukimura): Found during the main job “Play It Safe” — found behind a locked door to the right of the elevator when approaching the second sniper nest.
    • High magazine size and fires x4 bullets per trigger pull. Can target x6 enemies simultaneously with increased projectile speed. Also deals Electricity damage with a chance to shock.
  • Kongou (Liberty): During the main job “The Heist” you’ll enter Yorinobu’s hotel room. While you’re inside, look on the nightstand to the right of the bed.
    • Reduced clip size, lower recoil and increased firing rate.
  • La Chingona Dorada (Nue): At the end of Act 1, you need to choose to send Jackie back to his family. This unlocks the side-job “Heroes” — complete it and you’ll find this weapon on the memorial in the Cojo Coyote.
    • Fast reload and extra mod slot. Higher chance to apply Burn and Stun.
  • Lizzie (Omaha): In Act 1 (and later missions) you’ll need to visit Judy in Lizzie’s Bar. Check the basement just outside the server room.
    • Fires +1 bullets per trigger pull. Charging fires more bullets.
  • Plan B (Liberty): Return to the scrapyard after Act 1 and loot Dex’s body to find this weird weapon.
    • Uses Eurodollars are ammo instead of bullets. Each shot can apply Bleed status.
  • Pride (Liberty): Found after the death scene, next to the body, after your encounter with Adam Smasher in “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”.
    • High headshot damage and improved crit chance.
  • Second Opinion (Nue): During the main job “Automatic Love” this weapon can be found in Maiko’s Office, next to Woodman’s.
    • Shoots +1 bullets per trigger pull. Deals Electricity damage with a chance to shock.

Iconic Assault Rifles

  • Divided We Stand (D5 Sidewinder): Complete the “Stadium Love” side-job in Coronado Rancho and win the shooting competition.
    • Special Smart Assault Rifle that can target 5 different enemies simultaneously.
  • Moron Labe (M251s Ajax): West Wind Estate, Pacifica – Obtain the recipe from the body of an Organized Crime Activity leader right on the southwest edge of Pacifica.
    • High fire rate and chance for dismemberment.
  • Prejudice (HJSH-18 Masamune): Found behind the Afterlife bar during the main job “For Whom The Bell Tolls”.
    • Assault Rifle with piercing bullets.
  • Psalm 11:6 (D5 Copperhead): Watson, Northside – Obtain the crafting recipe from the leader of the Organized Crime Hustle.
    • Assault rifle with thermal effect that can apply Burn.

Iconic Precision Rifles

  • Widow Maker (M-179 Achilles): Found during the main mission “Ghost Town” with Panam. Agree to help her kill Nash after reacquiring her vehicle.
    • Fires two shots per trigger pull. Also deals Chemical damage and can apply Poison. Charged shots are more powerful.

Iconic Sniper Rifles

  • Breakthrough (Nekomata): Rancho Coronado – Obtain the recipe from the leader of the Organized Crime Activity in southern Rancho Coronado.
    • Projectiles both ricochet and pierce.
  • O’Five (SPT32 Grad): Found during the side-job “Beat on the Brat: Champion of Arroyo”.
    • Sniper Rifle that fires explosive bullets.
  • Overwatch (SPT32 Grad): Reward for completing Panam’s side-job “Riders On The Storm”.
    • Silenced Sniper with fast reload.

Iconic Shotguns

  • Ba Xing Chong (L-69 Zhuo): Obtain the recipe from Adam Smasher’s vault during the main job “Nocturne Op55n1” — you must complete the side-job “Chippin’ In” to access.
    • Shotgun that fires explosive pellets with high dismemberment chance.
  • Mox (Carnage): Complete Judy’s side-jobs, including “Pyramid Song” and you’ll be able to collect this shotgun from Judy’s apartment.
    • Slow reload but tight spread while aiming.
  • The Headsman (M2038 Tactician): Obtain the recipe from the mech in the Organized Crime Activity in the northeast of North Oak.
    • High pellet count per shot and fast reload.

Iconic Double-Barreled Shotguns

  • Sovereign (DB-4 Igla): Japantown – Obtain the recipe from the leader of an Organized Crime Activity in Japantown.
    • Fires both shells at the same time, with faster reload time and improved accuracy.

Iconic SMGs

  • Buzzsaw (DS1 Pulsar): Watson, Northside – Obtain the crafting recipe from the leader of the Organized Crime Activity hustle.
    • Tech SMG that fires piercing bullets.
  • Fenrir (M221 Saratoga): Watson, Northside – Talk to the monk looking for help near the docks market. You’ll unlock the side-job “Losing My Religion” — the Fenrir is near the hostage.
    • Powerful SMG with tight bullet spread and thermal damage with a chance to apply Burn.
  • Problem Solver (M221 Saratoga): Dropped by the Wraith leader in the Panam side-job “Riders On The Storm” — this mission becomes available after finishing her main job.
    • High magazine capacity, ammo count and fire rate.
  • Prototype Shingen: Mark V (TKI-20 Shingen): Found during the main job “Gimme Danger” — you’ll pass through a series of shipping containers. Find an open container trapped with a mine — the SMG is inside.
    • Special Smart SMG that fires explosive rounds. Can target 3 different enemies simultaneously.
  • Skippy (TKI-20 Shingen): Found on the ground in the southwest “?” gig marker in Heywood, Vista Del Rey.
    • It talks!
  • Yinglong (G-58 Diang): Wellsprings – Obtain the recipe from the leader of an Organized Crime Activity in the area.

Iconic Blades

  • Cocktail Stick (Katana): Found in the backroom of the Clouds club during the “Automatic Love” main job.
    • Powerful Katana.
  • Jinchu-maru (Katana): Found in the main job “Play It Safe” — Oda Takemura drops it.
    • Final combo attack deal double damage — or quadruple damage if you have lower HP than your opponent.
  • Satori (Katana): Easy to miss Katana in “The Heist” main job. Once you enter Yorinobu’s penthouse hotel room, go up the stairs to the helipad and loot the chopper.
    • High crit damage multiplier.
  • Scalpel (Knife): In Act 2, talk to the NPC across from Rogue in the Afterlife bar to start the “Big In Japan” side-job. Complete it and you’ll find this weapon on the blue barrel.
    • Deals Electricity damage, +50% crit damage, and bonus to apply bleeding.
  • Stinger (Knife): Complete Panam’s side-job “Riders On The Storm” and you’ll get contacted by Mitch for another side-job called “I’ll Fly Away” — the Stinger is your reward for completing the mission.
    • Deals high Chemical damage with a chance to apply Poison.
  • Tsumetogi (Katana): Acquired during the Judy side-job “Pisces” — take it from the meeting room table, or off the leader’s body.
    • Increases player’s Electrical Resistance, and deals increased Electricity damage.

Iconic Blunt Weapons

  • Cottonmouth (Electric Baton Gamma): During “The Space Between” main mission, you’ll visit Fingers’ Ripperdoc Clinic. Find this weapon on the bed in his room.
    • Deals Chemical and Electricity damage — able to apply both Shock and Poison.
  • Gold-Plated Baseball Bat (Baseball Bat): Found during the side-job “Second Conflict” in Denny’s home. Look near the pool.
    • High chance to apply Bleed status.
  • Sir John Phallustiff (Electric Baton Gamma): Joke weapon found after agreeing to sleep with Meredith Stout in the “Venus In Furs” side-job. To get this cutscene, you need to agree to use the Militech card on the Maelstrom job “The Pickup“.
    • It looks like a dildo!
  • Tinker Bell (Electric Baton Gamma): On the River Ward side-job “The Hunt” complete the optional objective to shut down the compound security measures. In the security room, you’ll find this club.
    • High chance to stun with power attacks.

Iconic Two-Handed Clubs

  • The Caretaker’s CyberSpade (Two-Handed Hammer): Found during the main job “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” in the conference room.
    • Improved damage.

Other Iconic Weapons

  • Malorian Arms 3516 (Unique Gun): Special weapon found during the side-job “Chippin’ In” which becomes available in Act 3.
    • Johnny Silverhand’s unique pistol.
  • Ozob’s Nose (Frag Grenade): Weird grenade found during the side-job “Send In The Clowns”.
    • Abnormally high damage grenade.

And that’s all the unique weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 we’ve found so far. This isn’t all of them, so we’ll continue to look and add more details for each weapon as they’re discovered.