Cyberpunk 2077: How To Get The Fastest Car For Free | Vehicle Location Guide

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The sleekest game in Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t available for sale anywhere. Sure, you can buy one version with a different paintjob, but the sleek black super-car can only be found in a hidden location in the Badlands. Even better, the car is totally free — and it’s the fastest car in the game.

The Rayfield Caliburn is normally a high level vehicle that’s only available once you’ve hit Street Cred 40. But if you’re looking to grab this awesome car earlier and save your eurobucks for all the other stuff you need to make it in Night City, you’ll want to explore the cave marked on the map below.

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Where To Get The Fastest Car For Free

The Rayfield Caliburn is the fastest vehicle, rated at 1660 horsepower — and it’s completely free after you complete the main job “Ghost Town” with Panam in the Badlands. If you don’t get it during (or right after) this quest, you’ll have to buy it Downtown for 157,000 eurobucks, and it only becomes available when you’re Street Cred Level 40.

Getting it for free is way easier (and cheaper) — you just need to join Panam for her raid against Nash and the boys in the cave system west of Rocky Ridge. After completing the “Ghost Town” quest, return to the cave and drive down the passage to get a Hidden Gem marker. One of the cave entrances is just over the hill to the north of the Sunset Motel.

Open the shipping container and drive away with the car. It’s totally free, and you’ll have no problem with future races when you’re sporting a car that’s this fast. Just remember to keep checking after completing the “Ghost Town” quest. It might not appear on your playthrough, so keep returning between jobs.

The car also sports a weird Easter egg involving a character named Murk Man. Read the shard in the room — the cave is kind of like the Batcave, and Murk Man also lost his parents. It’s very weird. But this is one of the nicest cars in the game, so maybe we have Batman to thank for its all-black paintjob. If you’re looking for a beast to help you beat all those Panam street races, this is a pretty good choice.