Final Fantasy 7 Remake Wiki Guide | Materia, Weapons, Music Tracks, Boss Tips, Trophies & More

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a smash hit and a critical success — and we just can’t stop playing it. It’s a charming infusion of pure nostalgia that reminds fans what we all loved about the original FF7. Instead of remaking the entire game, the developers have opted to remake the opening hours into a full-length game. You’ll spend your entire adventure inside the rotting pizza that is Midgar.

And it’s pretty impressive how much content you’ll find here. The main story takes about 35~ hours to complete, and then you’ll have side-quests to complete, secret bosses, and special challenges. There’s a lot of stuff to do, and it’s all incredibly fun. Whether you’re loading up on AP to finish Battle Intel, searching for every weapon in the game, or hunting down those remixed music tracks, we’ve got the guides you’re looking for.

To make browsing easier, we’re putting all of our FF7 Remake guides in one place for you to peruse. Just scroll down to find a complete list of everything we’ve covered so far — and there’s more incoming soon.

How To Play | Gameplay Tips & PSAs

Weapons, Materia & Limit Breaks

Collectibles Guides

Trophy Guides

Boss Guides

Side-Quest Guides

Post-Game Guides

That’s all the guides we’ve got so far for FF7R. Check back soon — we’ll add any new guides to the full list here.