Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How To Get All 9 Bridal Candidate Dresses | Dressed To The Nines Trophy Guide

Infiltrating Don Corneo’s Mansion in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is hard (and fabulous) work. All three of your party members have to dress up for the occasion — and you might not know it, but your choices determine which dress each character gets. There are three looks you can unlock for Cloud, Tifa and Aerith. If you find them all, you’ll earn the Dressed To The Nines trophy. It requires a lot of replaying, so I recommend waiting until after you’ve earned the Chapter Select.

There are three major decisions that shape what dresses you’ll earn in FF7R. Your dress is determined from an optional encounter with Tifa, a massage parlor payout, and how dedicated you are to the people of Aerith’s slums. Below, I’ll explain exactly how to get all three dresses for each character — just remember that you’ll have to play Chapter 9 to completion to fully ‘earn’ the dresses. Once you’re dumped into Corneo’s Sewers, you’re allowed to restart and try again.

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How To Get All 9 Bridal Candidate Dresses | Dressed To The Nines Trophy Guide
  • Tifa Bridal Dresses: Changes depending on you answer in the Alone At Last Discovery quest in Chapter 3.
    • You have to do all side-quests in Chapter 3 to unlock this discovery at Cloud’s hotel room.
    • The Mature answer is default — you’ll get this dress even if you don’t complete the Chapter 3 side-quests.
    • You need to complete the ‘Alone At Last‘ event at least twice, and select Sporty and Exotic.
  • Cloud Bridal Dresses: Cloud will get a different dress depending on how much you pay at Madame M’s Massage Parlor in Chapter 9.
    • There are three different courses. You’ll need to replay the chapter three times and pay for each of the three courses to see all of Cloud’s dresses when he gets a makeover at the Honeybee Inn.
  • Aerith Bridal Dresses: Aerith’s dresses depend on how much side-quests you complete in Chapter 8. She will dress up differently depending on how much quests you finish.
    • You’ll get a different dress if you complete 0, 3 or 6 side-quests in Chapter 8.