Microsoft Trademarks New Xbox Series X Logo

Today, Microsoft has trademarked a brand new logo for their upcoming Xbox Series X console. Check out the new logo down below:

Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X logo is simple yet slick. It gets the point across in a modern, yet familiar way. Admittedly, Microsoft has been doing a solid job of keeping their fan base in the loop with consistent information about the upcoming console.

The new logo is coming together and that means we’re getting closer to an in-depth reveal. With E3 out of the picture this year, both Sony and Microsoft are prepping to unveil their new consoles. Sony recently revealed the PS5’s controller which will be called the DualSense. The new controller will tap into touch sensibility, adding a new layer of immersion to the gaming experience.

Microsoft began rolling out new details about the Xbox Series X in a series of new videos including impressive loading times and seamless transitions during gaming sessions. Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s most ambitious gaming console to date and it continues to amp up excitement within the community.

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Source: JUSTIA Trademarks