Sony Introduces The DualSense PlayStation 5 Controller

Sony is slowly unveiling new aspects for their next-generation console platform, the PlayStation 5. In fact, one of the aspects that had plenty of gamers talking was the next-generation controller, which we now know is going to be called the DualSense. Sony has officially unveiled the controller in all its glory and once again reiterates some of the features already previously revealed.

The DualSense looks slightly different than the past DualShock controllers released into the market. Visually, the biggest difference is the two-tone approach Sony is taking with the controller and how the light bar has been moved from the top of this controller to between the touchpad. While it may look a bit bigger than the DualShock 4, Sony has stated in their official blog post that they have tested the controller on several different hand sizes and was able to achieve the comfort level desired.

Likewise, the official blog post commented on the rumble feature to help give different vibration feedback depending on the gameplay. We imagine this is something similar to the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con HD Rumble. Furthermore, we’re also reminded of the adaptive triggers in the L2 and R2 buttons. This will give players some tension with the triggers that will change depending on the gameplay scenario. For Sony, they continue to bring up the feel of drawing a bow to shoot an arrow. It’s worth noting that the adaptive buttons are apparently on the triggers and not something you’ll feel with the bumpers.

We’re also given a new button feature which will be called Create, similar to Share though more details about the button are said to come in the near future. Lastly, we are finding that a microphone will be included in the controller in which players can quickly submit a message to a friend or chime in a conversation, but even Sony’s blog post made mention that the best talking experience is done through a traditional headset.

Source: Sony