Latest Dead Cells Update Brings A Ton of Free New Content Our Way, Including Beasts Enemies

Developer Playdigious has taken to their blog to announce and detail the latest update to arrive to their critically acclaimed rogue simulator — Dead Cells.

Titled the Bestiary update, players will be treated to a slew of awesome new free content including a ton of new attainable achievements, new outfits, and yes — Beasts! These new updates are available to download and apply right now on the PC platform, however, the developers note the consoles are coming as soon as possible.

Check out the full set of patch notes for the latest Dead cells update:

Important features

  • New affixes!

    We added 11 new affixes on active skills, aimed primarily at growing the pool of affixes available for some items that didn’t have enough. Yes Corrupted Power, I’m looking at you.

    8 new normal affixes:
    – Ice, fire, bleed or poison on nearby floors or enemies when the effect of the used active ends
    – A grenade, a volley of arrows, or fire spreads when a deployable trap is destroyed
    – Get all your arrows back when using a skill

    3 new starred affixes:
    – Oil and fire spread around when a deployable trap is destroyed
    – Push enemies around you when the effect of the used active ends
    – Extended duration for powers like Wings of the Crow or Smokebomb
  • 6 New Mobs!

    Six brand news enemies. 3 are biome specific, 3 are dispatched through various levels at differents Boss Cells. At the time being, and until the live release, we prefer letting you unveil their exact locations and types.

    The ‘common’ enemy pool was getting a bit too small considering the addition of new levels, and the BC enemies were always too few and hence too repetitive for our tastes.
  • 2 New items

    – Crowbar (part of the 17.3 ‘Half-Life’ pack patch). Fast brutality weapons that crits after breaking a door or a breakable prop.
    – Portable Door: Allow you to bring a door with you – covering your back while you take care of the mobs in front of you and allowing for an elegant stun effect when you decide to turn around.
  • Half-life diet

    Completing the Freeman’ role play pack with medpacks for a true immersion.
  • The Bad Seed New lore rooms and secrets for the Arboretum and the Morass.

    Good hunting!
  • The Bad Seed Balanced bestiary:

    We took the opportunity of adding new mobs to re-balance the bestiary of the levels in questions. While there isn’t any new mobs in the ‘Bad Seed’ levels, we’ve tweaked the numbers to make these biomes fairer. Let us know what you think!

  • Ten (10) new achievements!
    – Eight of them are related to The Bad Seed DLC. Classic achievements like “Reach the Arboretum” or more … secret ones.
    – The other two are accessible by everyone. Version 1.8.3
  • Community suggestion A new feedback has been implemented for some weapons for weapon which have critical hits for a set duration.
    – Balanced Blade
    – Crowbar
    – Flashing Fans (from The Bad Seed DLC)
    – Frantic Sword
    – Oiled Sword
    – Rapier
    – Spite Sword
    – Swift Sword
    – Symmetrical Lance
    – Tentacle Whip Version 1.8.3
  • Three new outfits have been added to the game.
    Two are linked to the secrets and lore of The Bad Seed DLC. One is available for everyone that can rise up to the ultimate challenge. Version 1.8.3

In related news, developer Playdigious has announced some exciting news for Android users who want to partake in one of the greatest rogue simulators in the last couple of years — Dead Cells.

If you’re a mobile gamer and want to get your hands on the game, this might be your best best. Learn more about the upcoming release date for Dead Cells on Android devices right here!

Dead Cells Bestiary Update is now available for the PC, consoles are on the way. Are you excited to jump back into the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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