Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Where To Find All Johnny Encounters | The Johnny Experience Trophy Guide

Johnny is out there waiting for you.

Johnny is an incredibly annoying new character you’ll encounter throughout your adventures in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. This troublemaker wants to butt into your journey, and if you want to help him escape Midgar, you’ll need to make some very specific choices. These quests are required if you plan on completing every single side-quest in the game, and one of these encounters is incredibly difficult to unlock. Seriously — there’s no way you’ll catch the third Johnny Encounter on your own.

Many of the Johnny Encounters are ‘Discovery’ side-quests that appear as purple markers on your map. Look for those, but you’ll especially need to watch out in Chapter 14. It might take multiple replays to reach Johnny’s special event, but if you’re hunting for 100% completion, you’ll just have to suck it up and deal with Johnny for a few more minutes.

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Where To Find All Johnny Encounters | The Johnny Experience Trophy Guide

To unlock ‘The Johnny Experience’ trophy, you’ll need to encounter Johnny five times.

  • Johnny #1: Ch. 3 – Complete side-quests in Sector 7 Slums (Residential Area) and you’ll find a large crowd outside Seventh Heaven.
  • Johnny #2: Ch. 9 – Go toward Don Corneo’s mansion, and you’ll see Johnny sprint past you. Follow him to the Honeybee Inn to begin his discovery quest.
    • Required Choice:
    • Say ‘Yeah‘ when you talk to Johnny.
  • Johnny #3: Ch. 9 – To encounter Johnny again, you’ll need to complete a special side-quest called ‘The Party Never Stops‘ — to unlock this side-quest, you’ll have to make the following choices.
    • Required Choices:
    • Say ‘Yeah‘ when you meet Johnny in the second entry.
    • Outside of Wall Market, the Chocobo Wrangler will ask you for a description of Tifa. Select ‘She’s in great shape.
    • Left of the Wall Market entrance, talk to the hotel barker and select ‘How Much?
    • Enter the hotel and talk to the receptionist. Select ‘Yes.
    • Continue the main quest and get sent to talk to the three town leaders. Talk to Sam at the Chocobo stable. It doesn’t matter what you select here.
    • At Madame M’s Massage Parlor, select the cheapest massage package — ‘Poor Man’s Course – 100 Gil.‘ It doesn’t matter what you select here, so might as well select the cheapest option.
    • After the massage, tell Aerith her outfit is ‘alright.
    • Complete the Colosseum and defeat Hell House to finally unlock this very hard-to-unlock side-quest.
  • Johnny #4: Ch. 14 – Go to the Undercity Train Station in the Sector 5 Slums and talk to Johnny. He’ll give you the quest ‘Tomboy Bandit‘ — complete this quest.
  • Johnny #5: Ch. 14 – After completing ‘Tomboy Bandit‘ you’ll gain Johnny’s Wallet. Return the wallet to him at the discovery marker in the Undercity Train Station.

After returning Johnny’s wallet, he’ll promise to leave the city. Unfortunately, that means he’ll probably appear in future games. The ‘Johnny Experience’ trophy should pop right after finishing the last encounter!