Division 2: Warlords of New York – Get Infinite Ammo With The Incredible Bullet King Exotic LMG

Image Source: [u/bullet_king_THE_BOSS]

The ‘Bullet King’ LMG only feels like you’re cheating. This ridiculous Exotic gun never needs to reload — effectively, you’ve got Infinite Ammo unlocked when you’ve got the Bullet King equipped. Running out of ammo is a real concern in high-difficult Division 2, so if you’re ever worried about running dry, you can bring the Bullet King on those Legendary missions.The Bullet King’s Exotic trait restores ammo for you and your team as you shoot. This thing is borderline broken.

It doesn’t dish out the most damage at incredible speeds — it is an LMG after all. It fires a steady stream of bullets at whatever target you’re aiming at, so stability is key when you’re modding LMGs. Not that you can mod the Bullet King, Exotics always have their mods already locked-in. The best it can do is never stop shooting when you’re using an LMG, and that’s what makes the Bullet King the best-in-class. You never have to stop and reload.

You’ll need a little luck on your side to earn this. Learn how to get the Bullet King in the quick exotic guide below.

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The Bullet King is a unique Exotic that never needs to be reloaded — all thinks to the ‘Mag of Holding’ mod. You’ll also get the ‘Bullet Hell‘ trait that causes the gun to restore ammo to you and your allies for ever 100 shots that hit targets.

The Bullet King drops from the final boss of Rikers faction missions. Rikers are only found in New York, so you can play through Wall Street or The Tombs. Wall Street is a little quicker if you know what you’re doing.

The higher the difficulty, the higher your chances of getting the Bullet King.

  • Bullet King Exotic Drop Percentage:
    • Normal: 1%
    • Hard: 3%
    • Challenging: 5%
    • Heroic: 7%

It’s possible to get the Bullet King, even on the lowest difficulty — but you’ll have a much better chance on Hard, Challenging, or Heroic. Wall Street is (generally) an easier mission, and you can use the Decoy to distract the final boss, giving you some time to blast him when the miniguns go online. Bring a friend or two and you’ll have a much easier time running this mission.

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