Division 2: Warlords of New York – 10 More Things The Game Doesn’t Explain

With the release of the ‘Warlords of New York’ expansion, The Division 2 gets even more complicated.

The latest update changes almost every aspect of the game — you can now reach Level 40, new difficulty levels have been added, and gear has been completely revamped. New challenges are waiting in the New York region, and Exotics have been reworked from the ground up. There’s a lot of stuff to keep track of, and even more that the game just flat-out doesn’t really explain.

Here I’m going to try to offer a few tips you need to know about Warlords of New York — whether you’re a casual player returning to reach Level 40, or a hardcore endgame grinder. These are the questions I had while playing through the campaign, and the tips I wish I knew.

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#1: The Jammer Skill is incredibly useful in the New York campaign — most of the missions will pit you against Rogue Agents with drones, turrets, decoys, and other annoying skills. The Jammer will disable all of that. If you’re struggling against any of the bosses, I recommend swapping to the Jammer. It’s actually useful now!

#2: Hate getting pegged by those annoying new Sticky Bomb skills? If you’re tagged with a bomb, just roll to make them drop off. Double-Tap the [Take Cover] button to roll.

#3: Decoys have a few added abilities you might not know about. The new Decoy Skill pulls the attention from enemy AI, but it will also trick PVP gadgets — turrets, drones, and other automatic skills will always aim for the decoy. Even more annoying — decoys will also pull auto-aim in PVP! If another player tries to auto-aim on you and there’s a decoy right next to you, the auto-aim will take your cross-hairs right to the decoy.

#4: The new Cleaner Heavies are particularly tough to handle. They’re well-armored and can knock you out of cover with their mid-range flamethrower attack. To take them down, you can use Decoys, Flashbang Grenades, or a combo of Assault Turret and Strike Drone — aim for the explosive cannister on his back and try to overwhelm him with damage. The longer you can stun him the better.

#5: Want to make chatting easier on console? You can enable On-Screen Keyboard to chat, drop a message, or just let your team know something. If you don’t want to talk on the mic, this is the next best thing. You can access the keyboard from Settings — Accessibility — On-Screen Keyboard. Most players don’t even know about this function.

#6: While exploring the new New York DLC area, you might get a strange warning. ‘Rogue Agents’ are new enemies that can randomly spawn in New York, and they’re very, very tough. You’ll want to take cover and prepare for a fight if one of these special enemies shows up.

#7: After completing the ‘Warlords of New York’ campaign, you’ll unlock new ‘Directives’ — these special modifiers make the game more challenging, but give you bonus rewards in exchange for the heightened difficulty. Activate the ‘No Regen’ bonus right away! It gives a permanent +25% XP boost, and you can easily overcome it with the Healing Drone or Healing Chem Launcher.

  • NOTE: For even more bonuses, turn on ‘No Radar’ and ‘No Cooldown’ for easy +75% XP.

#8: Now that Gear 2.0 is here, you might want to extract some Talents from your Lvl 0-30 gear at the Recalibration Table. Make sure you’ve Un-Favorited your best items — you won’t be able to extract talents at a Recalibration Table on any items you’ve Favorited in the past. It’s meant to protect your best stuff, but it’s easy to forget about.

#9: The ‘Warlords of New York’ update includes a load of changes to the main game — and one of the most annoying changes comes from Specialization Points. It appears that Specialization Points aren’t dropped by Invaded Missions anymore — well they are! Specialization Points aren’t listed as a reward, but you’ll still earn them for completing these missions.

#10: And finally, take your time! Missions are way harder now, so your previous builds won’t help you. Before diving into the Challenging Difficulty with teams, warm-up on Hard Difficulty first once you hit Level 40.

  • NOTE: Want to skip tedious CP level grinding? You can increase the level of a CP by increasing the World Difficulty.

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