Division 2: Warlords of New York – How To Unlock 4 New DLC Skills

The Warlords of New York expansion for The Division 2 adds four new skills to the game, and each one gives you an extra edge in battle. You won’t start the new expansion with them — instead, you’ll have to hunt down each of the four rogue Division agents and defeat them to claim their unique skill. If you’re confused and don’t know where to find each of these useful abilities, check the full guide below for all the info.

Each new skills adds something to your arsenal; the Burn Sticky Bomb attaches a burning bomb to your opponent, while the Explosive Sticky Bomb tags an enemy before exploding — kind of like a mini-crossbow. The Shock Trap is a throwable that catches any enemies in the vicinity with an electricity charge that takes them out of cover and makes them an easy target. The most useful for PVE is the Decoy, which draws enemy fire and tricks devices like turrets in PVP.

You can equip two of these skills and upgrade them with mods, just like your normal roster. It’s just how you unlock them that’s new.

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How To Unlock All 4 New DLC Skills:
  • Sticky Bomb (Burn): Defeat Vivian Conly in the Two Bridges region.
  • Sticky Bomb (Explosive): Defeat James Dragov in the Financial District region.
  • Trap (Shock Trap): Defeat Javier Kajika in the Battery Park region.
  • Decoy (Distraction Decoy): Defeat Theo Parnell in the Civic Center region.

Sticky Bombs attach to an enemy before detonating. The Burn Sticky Bomb immediately starts damaging the tagged opponent. The Explosive Sticky Bomb works the same way, but deals more damage over a wider area of effect. If a player is tagged with a sticky bomb, rolling will remove the sticky bomb.

The Shock Trap is a throwable that activates when an opponent enters its effect proximity. The Shock Trap will deploy and zap anyone in range. This is one of the most useful tools for PVP — you can lay a trap where you think an enemy will try to flank you. When shocked, opponents are forced to stand and move slowly.

The Decoy creates a 3D fake that tricks AI enemies and gadgets. Homing skills like drones and turrets will automatically aim for the Decoy instead of the real player — and in PVP, Decoys will draw auto-aim first. Decoys are most useful in PVE, but they’re still viable to trick gadgets and annoy players in PVP.

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