Modern Warfare: Warzone – How Respawning Works In The New Battle Royale Mode

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare finally gets its Battle Royale mode on March 10th — and Warzone is more than just another Black Ops 4: Blackout.

This free-to-play add-on can be played whether you own Modern Warfare or not — it’s a separate download that will be available a little later on March 10th. There are some big changes to the format, including two modes (Plunder and Battle Royale) and a completely revamped respawn system. It’s unlike anything else on the market right now, so I feel like I have to explain how it all works.

There are multiple methods you can use to respawn, and it’s all totally unique to the new Battle Royale mode. You’ll have to fight to respawn if your allies don’t help you first. You can purchase Tokens by completing contracts, or you can win a chance to revive in the Gulag. Seriously.

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The new Battle Royale mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare introduces a totally unique method for respawning — the Gulag. It isn’t the only way to respawn — there are three methods total, not counting your allies simply reviving you on their own.

  • How To Respawn in Battle Royale:
    • Win in the Gulag (1v1)
    • Purchase a Self-Revive Kit from a Buy Station
    • Your squad purchases a Redeploy Token from a Buy Station
    • …or get revived by your allies when downed.

When your operator dies, you’re sent to the Gulag. Here, players will face-off in 1v1 battles. Whoever wins gets to claim a Redeploy Token and return to the match. It’s a tense stand-off, but someone has to win. Other defeated players will watch from the sidelines, so put on a good show.

Your team can also purchase Redeploy Tokens from Buy Stations. Buy Stations are specially-marked vendors on your map where you can spend cash on weapons, or gear like Self-Revive Kits and Redeploy Tokens. Self-Revive Kits allow you to revive from a downed state, while Redeploy Tokens do exactly what they say — let you (or a squadmate) Redeploy.

To earn money, you’ll need to complete Contracts. These are mini-missions, and there are lots of them in each Battle Royale session. You might get a Contract to open crates, or hold a specific location like in Domination. There are lots of different Contracts, and completing them can also give you other bonuses — like seeing the next circle collapse location before anyone else.

The Gulag and Contracts promise to make Warzone a very different Battle Royale experience. We’ll see how it all works out when the full game releases tomorrow!