Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – 10 Totally New Features, Modes & Secret Settings | Beginner’s Guide

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) rewrites the rules of war. Almost everything is new and different — even if it feels totally familiar. This is a remake, a soft-reboot of the Modern Warfare franchise, returning the series to its semi-realistic roots with more impactful gameplay. The guns are heftier, the sound effects are louder, and the multiplayer is bigger than ever.

While there isn’t a Battle Royale mode yet, there are some huge new additions to the Multiplayer side of the game. If you’re looking for even more Hardcore experiences or bigger online battles, there are modes (or mutators) to suit your playstyle. And that doesn’t even touch on the massive Co-Op map.

There’s a whole lot new, and the developers haven’t explained all of it. Here, I’m going to go over everything new — and what you need to know in your first few hours to navigate all the modes.

Realism Mode Is The Most Hardcore Singleplayer & Multiplayer Mode Yet

Hardcore Mode returns, but there’s something else you’ll want to look out for — Realism Mode. Realism Mode removes all HUD elements in singleplayer and multiplayer, making it the most immersive, and tense mode in the series so far.

Ground War Turns Call of Duty Into Battlefield

Ground War pits massive teams against each other in huge maps that feature vehicles. You’ll have to capture new points, spawn on new map locations, and fight long battles to win. It’s a very different kind of mode for Call of Duty, and it’s the opposite of something like Realistic 2v2 — big, brutal, and a pretty good way to stack up on XP.

Field Upgrades Are Operator Abilities For Modern Warfare

Field Upgrades replace Operator Abilities, giving you a special power (or two!) that charges over time. You don’t need to score kills to unleash these powers, and many of them serve old functions. For example, you’ll have to wait to unleash useful perks like Dead Silence this time around. The Field Upgrades can be equipped to any load out.

While ADS You Can Carefully Peak Around Corners

Careful play is now rewarded with a new cover mechanic. While Aiming-Down-Sights (ADS) you can stick to a corner, slowly sliding around the edge to check for enemies, and keeping your body hidden. This slows down the game, but also rewards a smart camper. It’s pretty difficult to shoot a player sticking to cover. Easier to flank them, or drop a grenade at their feet.

Dismemberment & Gore Effects Are Disabled By Default

Here’s a weird find in the settings menu. Under Content Filter, you’ll find that Dismemberment / Gore Effects are Disabled by default. That means you won’t see blood in Multiplayer, and you won’t see dismembered bodies or goes in the campaign. Extreme violence is only available in the campaign, so it’s strange that this setting is already off. Not that I need more blood and guts, but if you’re looking for more violence, it’s available.

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