Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – How To Unlock A Hidden NASA Emblem | Easter Egg Guide

Show some Moon appreciation in Destiny 2 with this hidden Emblem you can unlock for your space-faring Guardian, giving tribute to the original crew that first stepped foot on the moon — before it was haunted. You can unlock a hidden NASA emblem, you just have to find the right spot on the Moon to find it.

It’s a worthy find. To get it, you’ll need to discover a hidden crashed satellite and interact with you. It helps if you’re strong enough to take on PL 870 enemies, but even if you’re low — like PL 820 — it’s still possible to get the emblem and get out early. It’s a perfect emblem to make you feel like a real space explorer.

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How To Unlock A Hidden NASA Emblem | Easter Egg Guide

To get the NASA Emblem, travel to The Moon. You’ll need to access the K1 Logistics Lost Sector in Archer’s Line. The Lost Sector is Power Level 870, so you’ll need a good PL before you can attempt to explore the area.

Go inside the Lost Sector and clear the first room of enemies. This will drop the barrier and allow you to go deeper inside — enter the large moon crater populated with enemies ahead. You don’t have to defeat the Nightmare Servitor, you can just weave around it and find the hidden Easter egg.

In the crater, go to the back of the chamber, behind the central structure, to a building that’s partially built into the moon rock. Jump onto the roof of this building, and look on the rubble; there’s a tiny crashed satellite you can interact with.

Go right where I’m pointing.

Interact to unlock the NASA emblem! It’s called the ‘Orbital Cartographer’ emblem. While the emblem isn’t a perfect match for the NASA symbol, it’s pretty close — it has the same blue background, replacing the white orbit with the white of the moon. The red line is reminiscent of the red ‘V’ shaped vector on the NASA logo, too.

No matter what, this is a cool little emblem that’s perfect for moon exploration.

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