Destiny 2: New Light – Everything You Can Do On Day 1 | F2P Guide

Destiny 2: New Light is the F2P version of Destiny 2, the open-world always-online shooter from the same team that brought the world Halo. This totally free version of the FPS includes everything players could tackle in Year 1, plus a bunch more. This version of the game adds a ton of content, setting the table for the brand new Shadowkeep premium DLC campaign. Basically, there’s never been a better time to jump into Destiny 2 — anyone can play the game and get started quick.

Instead of struggling to reach the top, players will instantly start at Level 50 and Power Level 750 — you’ll be able to dive into any of the additional content with those starting stats, removing the grind if you’re curious to see everything that’s been added to the game. And there’s a lot to see; you can even explore some of the Forsaken and Shadowkeep content, although you won’t be able to play around in those particular singleplayer campaigns.

Figuring out what’s available is actually pretty complicated, especially if you’re a new player. I’m going to break it down as simply as I can — this is everything Destiny 2: New Light players can do on Day 1.

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What Platforms Can Play Destiny 2: New Light?

Everything that supported Destiny 2 now supports Destiny 2: New Light.

  • PC
  • PS4
  • Xbox One

Destiny 2: New Light also adds the new cross-save feature, which allows you to migrate your account and access items from multiple different platforms. Learn all about it on our Cross-Save guide here.

What Planets & Locations Can I Visit?

In Destiny 2: New Light, you can visit every location. All the open-world regions can be explored — that includes the locations tied to Forsaken and Shadowkeep.

  • Earth – European Dead Zone
  • Titan
  • Io
  • Nessus
  • Mars
  • Mercury
  • The Tangled Shore
  • The Dreaming City
  • The Moon

Both social hubs, the Tower and the Farm, can also be accessed at any time. While on these planets, all Patrols, Lost Sectors, and Public Events can be accessed — even if you don’t have the Forsaken / Shadowkeep content.

Not all content will be available on every planet. The Last Wish raid is exclusive to Forsaken, along with the Forsaken story campaign. Same goes for the Moon location — only public events and activities are available to F2P players.

What Story Content Is Included?

Three campaign storylines are included — all the content from the base Destiny 2 game, the ‘Curse of Osiris’ DLC, and the ‘Warmind’ DLC are all included.

  • Base Destiny 2 campaign. [Earth, Titan, Io, Nessus]
  • Curse of Osiris DLC campaign. [Mercury]
  • Warmind DLC campaign. [Mars]

To play through the story content on The Tangled Shore / Dreaming City or on The Moon, you’ll need to purchase the Forsaken DLC [$25] or the Shadowkeep DLC [$35].

Along with these story campaigns, all Strikes and Year 1 Raids are included in Destiny: New Light.

  • All Strikes (PVE Dungeons)
  • Year 1 Raids
    • Leviathan
    • Eater of Worlds
    • Spire of Stars
  • Year 2 Events
    • Black Armory Forges
    • Gambit Prime
    • The Menagerie

Is There New Story Content In Destiny 2: New Light?

Yes! There’s a brand new opening mission that new players and veterans can access that introduces players to Destiny 2: New Light. The mission is set on Earth, in the same Cosmodrome as Destiny 1.

What Multiplayer Features Are Available?

All of them! Every PVP game type can be accessed for free — including Gambit.

  • Crucible
    • All maps and game modes.
  • Gambit

Gambit is a Year 2 game mode previously included in the Forsaken DLC, so it’s a surprise that all the PVP / PVE action is open for everyone.

What Content Is Locked Behind Paid DLC?

So, the big question is — what don’t you get when you download Destiny 2: New Light? Simple.

  • Forsaken DLC [$25]
    • Tangled Shore / Dreaming City Story Campaign
    • Dreaming City Raid
    • Exclusive Weapons & Exotics
    • 9 Guardian Sub-Classes
  • Shadowkeep DLC [$35]
    • The Moon Story Campaign
    • The Moon Raid
    • Exclusive Weapons & Exotics

Thankfully, you can still gain access to Year 1 Exotics and Exotic Quests. Only Year 2 and beyond Exotics are locked. There will also be future content you can unlock by earning XP similar to Fortnite — that content is locked behind the $10 Destiny 2 Season Pass.

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