Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost – How To Get The Horror Story Exotic Auto Rifle | PL 600+ Gear Guide

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Increasing your Power Level in Destiny 2: Forsaken can be a painfully slow process sometimes. Unless you’re only chasing those Powerful Engrams, you’ll make incremental progress — and even with those Powerful Engrams, you’ll barely increase your Power Level by +1. If you’re looking for a quick boost in your Power Level, there’s a pretty awesome option available to you in the Festival of the Lost event. This Halloween-themed spook-a-thon has a unique currency, and you can use it to purchase the powerful Horror Story Exotic Auto Rifle.

Best of all? The Horror Story has a Power Level of 600 — if you’re in the low 500s, or even as high as 540-560, you can instantly increase your Power Level by several points. Maybe even more than several. Either way, having a weapon with that kind of power at your disposal is handy for just about any high level situation, and you’ll have until November 6th to earn this Auto Rifle. Keep scrolling for all the details; where to buy it, and how to earn enough unique currency to get it.

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 How To Get The Horror Story Exotic Auto Rifle | PL 600+ Gear Guide

To get the Horror Story, you’ll need to unlock the Haunted Forest — you can collect a new resource called Fragmented Souls by completing runs in the Haunted Forest. You’ll need 120 Fragmented Souls to purchase the Horror Story from Amanda Holiday in the Hangar. Let’s break it down.

  • How To Get The Horror Story Exotic:
    • The Horror Story Exotic Auto Rifle (PL 600) is available to purchase from Amanda Holiday during the Festival of the Lost Event — ending on November 6th.
      • The Horror Story Exotic can be purchased for 120 Fragmented Souls from Amanda Holiday.
    • How To Unlock The Haunted Forest: Talk to Amanda Holiday in the Tower Hangar and accept her quest to investigate the Haunted Forest. Complete one run of the Haunted Forest (wipe out enemies, defeat the Nightmare boss) and you’ll unlock the Haunted Forest.
    • How To Get Fragmented Souls: Fragmented Souls are dropped in the Haunted Forest by enemies. You’ll earn about 6-8 souls per run — each run takes about 15-20 minutes with a random pick-up team.
      • You can also earn Fragmented Souls by purchasing Daily and Weekly Bounties from Amanda Holiday. Daily Bounties give you one (1) Fragmented Soul, the Weekly Bounty gives you forty (40) Fragmented Souls. It’s a good idea to chase that Weekly.

In another handy bonus, there are some Powerful Engrams available to collect in the first week of the Festival of the Lost. In the latest update, Powerful Engrams are now guaranteed to give you +2 Power Level gear. That’s much better than the previous +1 (sometimes) guarantee.

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