Destiny 2: Black Armory – How To Get The Le Monarque Bow | Exotic Guide

Destiny 2: Forsaken greatly expanded on the base game with new areas to explore, new singleplayer campaign missions, and a new multiplayer mode. That’s all great, but for my money the best new addition is the Bow. It’s an entire weapon class that rewards precision — and landing a shot on target is just so satisfying. Now you can grab an entirely new exotic bow in the Black Armory add-on; if you know where to look.

For this particular Exotic, you won’t have to complete a complicated quest. Well, you will — but it’s all in service of the main goal of the Black Armory DLC. Activating the forges is what the Black Armor is all about, and the Le Monarque drops as a reward from two of these forges. Get all the details in the full guide below.

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How To Get The Le Monarque Bow | Exotic Guide

The Le Monarque is one of four new exotic weapons added in The Black Armory. To actually get it, you’ll need to farm one of two Black Armory events — there is no Exotic Quest, so it all comes down to luck.

The Le Monarque is an Exotic Bow with a returning mechanic; poison. Hits will drain health of targets (and probably make a lot of people angry) just like the Thorn Hand Cannon exotic. To get your hands on this powerful tool, you’ll need to unlock the Gofannon and Izanami forges.

  • How To Get The Le Monarque Bow:
    • Randomly dropped as a reward for completing the Izanami or Gofannon forge activities.

Actually unlocking those activities is pretty difficult, even if the Power Level requirements have been lowered. You’ll unlock Forge Activities by completing lengthy quests for the Black Armory — and you’ll need help to finish these forges. But, you can replay the forge activities as often as you like until you’ve earned the Le Monarque.

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