Destiny 2: Opulence Event – How To Get The Truth Rocket Launcher | Exotic Guide

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You want the Truth? You can’t handle the Truth. Actually, any Guardians worth his or her salt in Destiny 2 can unlock the Truth — you just need to know what to do. Like every other Exotic, there’s a lengthy and puzzling series of quest steps you’ll have to complete, and if you’re lost or just need a few hints to nudge you forward, we’ve got you covered. This is how to get the ‘Truth’ Rocket Launcher Exotic, and it is a beast.

The Truth might not have the power of cluster rockets, but it is extremely explosive and fire incredibly fast — it has high velocity, and a lock-on feature when aiming down the sights. That makes it a handy weapon in PVP, but not quite the best when you’re running PVE. It’s an all-around great Rocket Launcher, and getting it isn’t impossible. Check the steps below for all the details.

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How To Get The Truth Rocket Launcher | Exotic Guide

To begin the Truth rocket launcher Exotic Quest, you’ll need to return to the Menagerie. A new boss spawns, added in as of [6/11] — defeating it will cause the first part of the Truth Exotic Quest to drop.

To defeat the Ogre with the shield, kill the elite Thrall and collect the orbs, then throw the orbs at the shield until it drops.

Kill the Ogre to get the Exotic Quest item, then travel to The Dreaming City and interact with Petra Venj. The first step is to ‘Loot An Ascendant Chest‘ — so take any Ascendant Chest challenge from Petra Venj and open it. Remember to collect a Tincture of Queensfoil first — using it turns you Ascendant and allows you to actually interact with the invisible chest.

For the second step, you need to collect four map pieces — how? Well, you can follow the clues, OR you can simply collect the map pieces from Petra Venj herself. Travel to her NPC and interact, and you’ll find the map pieces under the ‘Abandoned Quest’ section of her store.

Otherwise, you can actually follow the steps. Here’s how to get all four:

  • Map Piece #1: Complete any Nightfall event.
  • Map Piece #2: Tangled Shore – Defeat 100 Hive, kill a powerful Ogre inside the Hive temple, in the crashed ship in the Jetsam area.
  • Map Piece #3: Nessus – Open any Ascendant Chest on Nessus. Use a Tincture to reveal hidden platforms and follow the jumping puzzle to the chest.
    • Find one puzzle near the Emperor’s Barge, or one behind the Well of Flames.
  • Map Piece #4: The Dreaming City – Open any Ascendant Chest in The Dreaming City. You can find a puzzle platforming chest near Petra Venj, just pop a tincture for it to appear when you’re close.

After completing all those map pieces, you’ll get a series of objectives you need to complete. For each map piece, you’ll get a different objective. Your goal is to get all the map pieces and complete the following objectives.

Objective #1: Complete 3 Nightfalls and defeat 60 enemies with Rocket Launchers [100 PL handicap required.]

Objective #2: Tangled Shore – Defeat 100 Hive.

Objective #3: Nessus – Defeat 50 enemies with Rocket Launchers while Ascendant.

Objective #4: The Dreaming City – Find a ‘Downed Corsair Badge’ and return it to a Corsair Outpost.

How To Get A Corsair Badge: Kill enemies until you find a Corsair SOS — there is a clue on the item that tells you where to find the body. Go to the body, collect the badge, then return it to any of the small outposts. They’re located in caves all over the Dreaming City.

The final step will appear once you complete all for map piece objectives. For the final step, you’ll need to complete the ‘Warden of Nothing‘ strike and find a final hidden Ascendant Chest at the end.

Use an Ascendant Tincture at the start, and look for glowing orbs as you complete the strike — they’re all over the place, and for each orb you interact with, a new Ascendant platform will spawn at the end of the strike. The more platforms you spawn, the easier the jumping puzzle will be.

At the end, just kill the boss and a message will pop saying the final Ascendant Chest has appeared. Search the area for the invisible platforms while ascendant, and follow the platforms to reach the final chest — it’s right in the center-back of the arena. You’ll have 90 seconds to find the chest.

And that’s it! Find the chest, and the ‘Truth’ Exotic is your’s.