Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – How To Complete The Moon Public Events | Heroic Guide

The Moon is a returning zone in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, with everything that entails — the Region Chests are the same, the Lost Sectors are the same, but the missions are totally new. Naturally, new players will also encounter those Public Events that keep popping up wherever you go. The Public Events aren’t something new, but they do have variations on the Moon, taking events from other maps and plopping them down in the haunted Sea of Tranquility.

If you’re new, you might not know about Heroic Public Events. To get better rewards, players can complete secret objectives that unlock the Heroic version of an event. This changes up your goals, making them more difficult — but adding way better rewards. Even with all the new changes, Heroic Public Events are the only events worth completing, and screwing up Heroic for your random teammates is a pretty big faux pas. Here’s how to complete the Moon’s Heroic Public Events.

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How To Complete The Moon Public Events | Heroic Guide

The Moon, the new area included in the Shadowkeep DLC, features two different Public Events. These are returning Public Events with unique variations. Here’s how to complete both types.

Warsat Down

For this event, you’ll find a crashed satellite that you’ll need to protect while fighting back waves of enemies.

  • While holding the Warsat zone, three Shriekers will spawn.
  • Quickly defeat the two Wizards that spawn in three waves.
  • Once the Shriekers are vulnerable, you just need to destroy all three.

This causes an Ogre Boss to appear and begin the Heroic version. Defeating the Ogre Boss completes the advanced version of the event.

The Arsenal Walker

Everyone favorite spider tank returns for this public event. Very straightforward — just smash the Arsenal Walker.

  • Destroy the legs / weak points, causing the Walker to eject three orbs.
  • Don’t attack the exposed weak point! Instead, collect the orbs.
  • Deposit the orbs into the strange generator devices nearby.
  • Deposit six orbs into the three devices.

Now you can kill the Arsenal Walker and fight another one in the Heroic Version. Simple!

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