Destiny 2: New Light – All Region Chest Locations | The Moon

The new Shadowkeep Expansion for Destiny 2: New Light reintroduces Guardians to the Moon — and yes, it’s still haunted. The location returns from the first game in series, bringing back a classic villain and reintroducing all the areas we all remember. I’m not about to forget something called the Hellmouth anytime soon.

The returning location also has a load of Region Chests you can nab for easy loot. Now that everyone is reset to 750, there’s no better time to collect Region Chests and earn easy loot to boost your Power Level. Grabbing all of these, you can easily earn +20~ or so PL with barely any work. You’ll also earn a Triumph on the Moon, which is always a nice bonus.

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All Region Chest Locations | The Moon

There are three gold chests in each region of the moon. Finding all 12 chests will unlock the Moon Region Chests Triumph.

Anchor of Light

  • Region Chest #1: Near the passage to the Sanctuary, go left to a small cave. The gold chest is hidden inside.
  • Region Chest #2: Toward the crashed ship, look on the left for a circular cave entrance. The chest is hidden above the cave entrance, outside on the ridge.
  • Region Chest #3: Across from Lost Sector, left near the path to Hellmouth, Find the fallen radio tower — on the left side, there’s a tiny cliff over the dead end with this chest.

Archer’s Line

  • Region Chest #1: On the east edge of the region, there’s a building that leads to the Lost Sector. Outside the building, to the right of the entrance, there’s a broken hallway you can jump into with the gold chest.
  • Region Chest #2: Right at the fork that leads to Anchor’s Light / Sanctuary, there’s a raised railway. Jump up to the top and you’ll find the gold chest.
  • Region Chest #3: On the edge of the southwest corner of the region. Look for a lower ledge behind the red tattered flag.


  • Region Chest #1: Down the split crevasse near the center hole, across from the entrance to the Anchor of Light.
  • Region Chest #2: West of the previous chest, there’s a Hive altar area and a sunken container that creates a ramp nearby. Enter the container to find this chest.
  • Region Chest #3: North of the entrance to Archer’s Line, go to the giant green crack. Go left down a ledge into the cave, and look down at the very end to find a hidden alcove.

Sorrow’s Harbor

  • Region Chest #1: To the right as you enter from the Hellmouth passage. It’s located high up on the mountain.
  • Region Chest #2: In the southeast corner, on the red castle ledge, drop down to the moon ledge below to find a hidden alcove.
  • Region Chest #3: This tricky chest is located in a cave beneath the red keep platforms. Go along the east edge until you find a lower path to a cavern. Along the left side of the cavern wall, there’s a very easy-to-miss alcove.

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