Destiny 2: New Light – Here’s How The New Power Level System Works | 950 PL Guide

The Power Level system in Destiny 2 just keeps changing. Now with the Shadowkeep expansion upon us, Guardians can reach Power Level 950. That’s a huge number, but the grind just got a whole lot easier for everyone. When you start up Destiny 2: New Light, all your equipment now starts at PL 750 as a base level. That’s right, everything is 750. Why? Don’t worry about it.

That means you only have to grind for 200 new levels. The new Soft Cap is 900, meaning you can quickly raise your PL to 900 just by playing through the main content of the game. Shadowkeep is a good place to start if you have that expansion, but it isn’t required. Below, I’m going to explain everything you need to know about the new Power Level system. It’s actually pretty simple.

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How To Reach Power Level 950 | PL Hard Cap Guide

After the Destiny 2: New Light update, some major things have changed about Power Level. Power Level is a ranking of your general power — it’s kind of like your level, but Power Level isn’t calculated by earning XP, it’s about gear. The weapons and armor you own determine your Power Level.

  • Power Level is your ‘Level’ — if you’re PL 750, enemies at PL 950 will crush you.
  • Power Level is determined by the average of all the items in your inventory. That includes all the items in your stash.
    • Power Level is NOT determined by the items you have equipped. It’s an average of everything your character has. You don’t need to equip weapons / gears you don’t want to.

The Power Level system is much simpler now. It doesn’t matter what items you have equipped. You can only lower your Power Level if you delete high PL weapons / armor from your inventory or from your stash.

  • 750 PL is the new base level of all weapons and armor.
    • Every item in your inventory will be upgraded to 750 PL when you login to Destiny 2: New Light.
  • 950 PL is the new hard cap. Light cannot go above 950 PL for now.
    • 900 PL is the new soft cap. Once you reach 900 PL, you’ll need to earn ‘Powerful‘ Engrams to continue to increase PL.

Previously, Infusions were used to increase Power Level. This process involved infusing gear, destroying one piece to make another piece stronger. You can still do this to improve gear, but it is no longer required.

At 750 PL, all gear that’s dropped will be slightly higher than your current Power Level. That number decreases significantly at the soft cap — once you hit 900 PL you’ll only get +1 / +2 PL per new piece.

  • The Seasonal Artifact is another way to increase PL. This special artifact is a reward for reaching Rank 7 in the Battle Pass / Seasonal Activities tiers.
    • The Seasonal Artifact can be upgraded by earning tiers with the Year 3 Battle Pass. Upgrade and you’ll find better letter from Seasonal Activities.

To reach 950 PL, look for daily / weekly tasks from the Director that give you ‘Powerful‘ Engrams. These mini-missions are special tasks you can complete to earn better rewards — such as completing certain Nightfalls, Strikes, or Gambit targets. Sometimes, you’ll be asked to complete more difficult versions of missions. It’s always different, so check often.

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