Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – How To Complete The ‘Garden of Salvation’ Raid | All Encounters Guide

The Garden of Salvation is upon us, and thanks to the dedicated Destiny 2 community, we now know how to complete every step if the Shadowkeep-Exclusive raid. This Moon raid pits you against the Vex, and the mechanics come flying at you fast and furious. There are multiple buffs and mechanics you’ll have to learn before easily solving this ridiculously convoluted raid.

Like most of the post-launch Raids, there are three major encounters you’ll have to figure out. All of them force you to contend with the Enlightened Buff and the Dark Tether mechanic. Enlightened allows you to remove the invincible shields from enemies; that’s pretty standard for raids. The tricky new mechanic is Tethers — you’ll need to chain the tether from one Guardian to the next.

We’ve got it all explained in the full guide below. Follow the steps, and you (and your team) should be able to complete the Garden of Salvation.

Garden of Salvation Table of Contents:

The First Encounter – Chase The Consecrated Mind

  • Step #1: Create Tethers To Unlock The Digital Gate

To complete the first step, shoot the floating cube above the first boss arena. The boss is completely invulnerable. Ignore the boss and shoot that digitized box. This introduces one of the mechanics of this raid — tethering.

The box will extend a tether to the closest guardian, then the tether will connect to the next closest guardian, and to the next closest guardian, etc. Create a chain leading to the blocked Vex Gate to the right of the arena. Connecting up will unlock it.

  • Step #2: Split Your Team & Learn The Voltaic Overflow Mechanic

Now, your team should split. 3 Guardians can stay in the boss arena, while 3 guardians go into the newly unlocked cavern through the Vex Gate.

Voltaic Overflow Mechanic: In the boss arena, the boss is still invulnerable. Wait for it to spit out a strange block of digital noise — stepping into this will give a guardian the Voltaic Overflow buff. Each Guardian can only carry one Voltaic Overflow buff, but if you don’t collect the buffs, the team will wipe.

Make sure each of the three Guardians collects them, and don’t let the same Guardian collect it twice while it’s active.

  • Step #3: Unlock The Second Vex Gate In The Cave

While Team #1 is stalling the boss and collecting Voltaic Overflow, Team #2 needs to fight and kill all the enemies deeper in the cavern, past the first Vex Gate.

Keep fighting at the gate, defeat Vex and Overflow Champions until you can kill a Vex that spawns called ‘The Angelic‘ — defeat it and another Tether Cube will spawn. Shoot the cube and link to the Vex Gate to unlock it.

  • Step #4: Swap Teams & Continue Past The Second Vex Gate

To avoid everyone dying from Voltaic Overflow, you’ll need to stop Team #2 at the second Vex Gate. The boss will move up through the cavern and stop in this arena — have Team #2 (cave team) fight the boss and collect Voltaic Overflow instead, while Team #1 (the former boss team) continues past the second Vex Gate.

If the same team continues to fight the boss, they’ll die from collecting two Voltaic Overflow. If you’re slow, you may need to swap out teams earlier than this.

  • Step #5: Repeat Step #3 – Unlock The Third Vex Gate

Send Team #1 past Vex Gate #2. Fight enemies, kill the Overflow Champions, and defeat ‘The Angelic’ to generate a Tether Cube. Shoot the cube and connect the tether to the locked Vex Gate to unlock it.

Look at the symbols on the gate. Those indicate how many Tether Cubes you need to shoot and tether to the gate to open it.

  • Step #6: Reunite And Fight The Boss

Past that, all 6 Guardians can reunite in the final boss room. The boss will teleport to this chamber when the gate is opened. Just run past all the enemies and try to live — the boss ejects a series of Voltaic Overflow cubes.

Sprint through the enemies to grab those cubes before they can kill your entire team. There’s no fight here — just grab the Voltaic Overflow cubes, sprint forward, and you’ll earn a Raid Chest at the end.

Platforming Section

There’s a lengthy platforming section between this encounter and the next. Like always, work together to find the path and carefully jump from platform to platform.

  • NOTE: Shoot the flower buds to make them bloom and create platforms.

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