Destiny 2: Scourge of the Past Raid Guide | Walkthrough

The latest raid for Destiny 2 is now available. Players can join together in teams and start off on the Scourge of the Past raid which takes players through several fights dealing with berserkers. If you’re looking for a hand on how to go through the raid and quickly complete it with your team or if you need a hand on what to do next within the raid then let us lend a hand. Below is our guide on how to go through Scourge of the Past with helpful tips and notes.


  • Light Recommended: Around 640+
  • Weapons Recommendations: Whisper of the Worm & Shotguns
Step #1 Berserker, Sphere and Map Mechanic

When you drop into the last city you’ll need to reach the center area rooftop and start your fight against Berserker, Kell’s Scourge.  This enemy is actually immune so don’t bother wasting time firing at it at a distance. Instead, you need to get close to the enemy so that it triggers a force field which will slow you down. However, it’s during this moment that the enemy will reveal two weak areas which are located on the chest and back. When you do enough damage then it will lose their immunity allowing you to deal some damage.

  • Note: You will face a few of these within the raid so it’s best to get into a good rhythm with your teammates. Someone needs to be the bait to trigger the weak spots while other teammates are around to really lay down the ground fire.
Step #2 Multiple Spheres

After the Berserker is killed, grabbed the sphere and toss it into the device that’s also within the building. This will bring up the map showcasing the area along with the locations of every player. Likewise, you will find red symbols scattered across the map which indicates the locations of berserkers. You need to find the one with the sphere symbol above it which means that the team will need to split up. Have part of the team on the roof defending and indicating what is going on within the map while the other half sets off to fight the berserker.

After you take out the new berserker, two spheres will drop and both need to be picked up. Both of these spheres will be marked differently on the map which means that the team covering the map will have to help navigate the player where to take the particular sphere so that they can plant it correctly.

  • Note: Repeat this step until you have killed all the berserkers and planted the spheres.
  • Note: Picking up a sphere from the berserker will give you the debuff ionized for a couple of minutes which means that you will need to circulate teammates.
Step #3 Tunnel System & Sparrow Race

After you have completed the first section of this raid, the holes leading underneath the city will no longer be blocked off. Head down and open a chest to get a reward. Once you have collected the reward make your way into the tunnel system. Now, this system is a bit complex, but there are lights that can be triggered to help your crew from backtracking. What you’re trying to locate is an opening slab that you can squeeze through. It’s not going to be a doorway but more of an opening that is big enough for your characters to walk through.

You’ll ultimately walk to a large drop where you can once again activate your sparrow and head down the pathway until you reach a large room. Within the room, there will be a large door and two consoles that indicate an alien hand. Two teammates will need to approach the consoles and melee it at the same time for it to activate.

Once activated you need to get on a sparrow and race down the pathway.  You’re essentially racing away from a giant flaming force that can instantly kill you so make sure that you have a quick sparrow spawn and be prepared to get off the sparrow to go through an obstacle and summon the sparrow once at a clear landing.

  • Note: Two teammates required to reach the end section to trigger next area.

The end section will have two consoles available where you will once again have to melee trigger the console at the same time to close the door. This will also open another door where you can revive your fallen teammates.

Step #4 Pillar Room

Within this new room find the pillars that have pipes on the side sticking out. You’ll have to parkour your way up these pipes and jumping along the way to different pillars. When you’re far enough up, you’ll see an area of the wall which has a tunnel leading into a different area. This is where you need to be, so make your way towards the tunnel and go through it.

You’ll eventually find an open area to drop down in with the map name changing to Vault Ebisu, Boltza District, The Last City. Jump down and head into the next tunnel opening. Progress through until you end up back outside.

  • Note: This will be the last area of the raid so take a minute to familiarize yourself of the environment and any notable locations to take cover.
Step #5 Buffs

Towards the back of the area will be the Insurrection Defender Kell’s Scourge that you need to destroy in order to go underneath the ground through the electrified barriers. Have a team of players head down underground which is basically a circle pathway.

  • Note: It’s best to have a total of four players with two teams of two.

Below in this section are four consoles which will showcase a shape which will either be a square, circle or a triangle. A player can then go up to the console and melee it to acquire a buff.

  • Note: Do not melee the red consoles as its changing symbols and will cause an instant death.


[Triangle – Angular] [Circle – Continuous] [Square – Parallel]
  • Note: This buff will create a force field around you which will actually damage you if you combine another force field from a different player.

The goal is to have an X2 of whatever symbol you melee. To reactivate the symbol below the team above needs to find another Insurrection Defender to kill.

After you have acquired the buff X2 for both teams then the team above will once again track down and kill an Insurrection Defender to lower the electrified barriers. You can now go above ground and spawn tanks.

Step #6 Tank Spawn

As mention in the previous step, players can now spawn tanks. In particular, the two players with the buffs are able to hit the console next to a pad which will activate the tank. You’ll need to attack the middle structure with the tanks, but make note that the red beams will indicate where an attack will be launched so don’t linger at any particular spot for too long.

  • Note: The tanks will automatically lose health so you will need to keep an eye on the health bar of the tank and jump out before it hits zero and explodes. Just head back to the pad to spawn another tank until you have killed the middle structure.
Step #7 Mech Battle

After the middle structure has been destroyed you can go back to the starting section to find a new chest to open and grab your reward.

Back outside however is a new berserker to deal with which you need to destroy for the sphere to use within the starting area and that will once again bring up a map. Again, just as we did at the beginning of this raid, break into teams and have one defending the map along with alerting the outside team where to find the next berserker. Also, just like last time, these berserkers will drop two spheres which will need to be dropped off at specific locations given on the map.

During this section of the raid, there will be a giant mech boss to fight as well.  A team needs to track it and fire at the white areas of the mech. They will be on different areas of the mech body but fire at it until they are destroyed which will drop his immunity shield.

  • Note: You will need to acquire and drop off four berserker spheres to unlock the tank spawn.

If you have successfully lowered the mech’s shield then you can fire at the stomach area with the tank to lower its health. Furthermore, this is a good opportunity to clear out various enemies like snipers. When fighting the mech and shooting at his stomach area you will find that a charge will let out and will grant players with a buff. These can be used towards your advantage when battling the mech. You’ll complete the raid once the mech has been destroyed.

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