Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – Here’s What Those Weird Bunny Statues Do | ‘You Lack Something’ Guide

If you’ve been searching the hidden nooks and crannies of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, you might’ve stumbled into mysterious bunny statues. We’ve found three of these statues so far — and the big question is, what do these statues do? When you approach a Bunny, you’ll get a message saying that ‘You Lack Something’. Here, I’m going to explain what you’re lacking.

Fans of Destiny 2: Forsaken should recognize these weird little statues. In The Dreaming City, the mysterious location that changes every week, Guardians can locate hidden Cat Statues. These Cat Statues can also accept a unique offering that rarely drops. The Bunny Statues work a lot like those little cats.

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How To Use The Bunny Statues | Rice Cake Guide

You can find these Bunny Statues all over the map, but there’s one that’s easy to access in the Hellmouth area. Along the southern wall, there’s a sunken container ramp over a crack. Look down the cracked caverns south of the ramp to find a ledge with a hidden Bunny.

  • Bunny Statue #1: Hellmouth – On the south, go south into the crevasse from the ramp to find a narrow ledge.
  • Bunny Statue #2: Archer’s Line – On the eastern area of the map, enter the circular structure and go into the small room with a loot chest. Behind a container, you’ll find another bunny.
  • Bunny Statue #3: Sorrow’s Harbor – Inside the Lost Sector.

What Do The Bunny Statues Do?: You need to give the statues Rice Cakes. This rare item drops from powerful (yellow) enemies on the Moon, or can be dropped from cache chests. They’re pretty rare, so it’s going to take a little grinding before they appear.

Trading a Rice Cake to a Bunny Statue will give you a random piece of loot. You’ll usually get gear. So if you’ve been grinding on the Moon and you’ve found a few Rice Cakes — this is what you can do with them.

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