Metro Exodus: Two Colonels DLC – All Collectibles Locations Guide

The first DLC for Metro Exodus takes you to the past — in The Two Colonels, you follow Miller’s journey to find a map to a zone safe from radiation in the post-apocalyptic world, and learn how an irradiated station fell into anarchy. You’ll get access to a new weapon — the flamethrower. Perfect for dealing with the slime-covered threats of this deadly add-on.

It isn’t just slime mutants you’ll deal with. You’ll also relive a climactic battle where the remnants of the station army defend against a seemingly endless horde of rioters as they desperately attempt to escape the doomed station

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Two Colonels DLC – All Collectibles Locations Guide

Note #1: Early in the level, burn through the slime until you reach a dark maintenance room with a slimy restroom nearby. In the room, grab the note from the table.

Note #2: In the water-filled room, turn the valve to shut off the water and burn the slime so you can climb the ladder. Through the door, you’ll find a work table and a generator. Go through the optional door here to a back room with a note and a tape recorder.

Note #3: Push through a gate (past a restroom with a cracked wall that leads to a workbench) and you’ll reach a gated catwalk area. Look left an on an old slimy piece of machinery for this note before climbing down.

Note #4: After meeting with the general, enter the main area of the station and go up to the restaurant. The note is in a shelf to the left of the bartender.

Note #5: When you leave Petrovitch’s home, look on the table opposite his door.

Note $6: Found in the short section before fighting the hordes of rioters.

Note #7: In the very first room of the underground entrance to the reactor building, it’s on the floor to the right, near a pile of flamethrower fuel.

Note #8: Complete the first combat area, then you’ll reach a second series of room with mutants. Take the stairs down into a flooded room, then up into a small raised office past the mutants. There’s a note on the desk, next to more fuel.

Note #9: After defeating the gorilla mutant, you’ll find this note right next to the vent entrance. You can’t miss it.