Latest Metro Exodus Update Adds New Game+, Improves Controller Responsiveness, Additional Platform Specific Features, and Much More

4A Games’ blockbuster entry to the Metro franchise, Metro Exodus, just received its first major update.

The update adds the New Game+ feature, which allows players to re-play Metro Exodus with instant access to all weapons and attachments. The experience even comes with its own set of trophies and achievements. Not only that, the New Game+ mode allows players to enable Developer Commentary, giving players the chance to find tapes with voice recordings from 4A Games’ development team members. In addition to that, platform specific features were added, including mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One, and more. Here are the update’s highlights.

New Game +
On completion of the campaign, you can now re-play in New Game+ mode, granting access to all weapons and attachments unlocked through prior play-throughs.
New Game + also allows to you to adjust a range of variables to create your own personal and uniquely challenging experience, and comes with new Achievements / Trophies.

Developer Commentary
Available through New Game +, enabling Developer Commentary allows you to find special tape players on which members of the 4A Games team discuss some of the design choices that went into making Metro Exodus in that area.

Improved Controller Responsiveness
While the Hotfix changes were already well received, we’ve added a 4th Controller Sensitivity Preset with more tweaks to sensitivity, improved aim assist, and better ‘dead zone’ per platform.

Platform Specific Improvements and New Features
We’ve added Mouse and Keyboard support for Xbox One, further improved RTX and DLSS support on PC, Dual Shock Controller Light support for PS4 and many more.

General Performance, Balance and Gameplay optimisations
A raft of improvements across the board that improve the overall gameplay experience based on bugs reported, desired polish, and direct feedback/feature requests from the community, including things like a Volume Slider specifically for VO, and more.

Crash / Bug fixes and improvements
We’ve fixed numerous crashes – some from your descriptions, and some from the crash dumps you have submitted to us. We’ve only listed a few below, but you should expect a big improvement to stability in this update. Thank you for continuing to help us out!

Full Ukrainian localisation added
We’re proud to offer Metro Exodus fully localised for Ukraine, the country where 4A Games was born.

Metro Exodus is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Metro]