WW2 Zombies: Frozen Dawn – Unlock A Secret Room & Get All 6 Perks | Trial of the Moonraven Guide

There’s one secret I couldn’t figure out for the longest time in ‘The Frozen Dawn’ — what’s the point of the glowing stone pressure pads? The last Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies map is actually pretty straightforward, but solving this weird little puzzle takes a lot of doing. If you’re patient, and willing to unlock the Broken Flail, you’ll be able to access a secret chamber trial, unlock one last Thulian Transport, and grab all six perks at the same time.

Is it useful? No, not really. It’s great to get a bunch of perks, but this is so absolutely random, it’s really only something worth doing just to see it get done. I managed to make it inside the ‘Trial of the Moonraven’, so any solo player can do it too. Even easier if you’ve got a team in tow.

Learn all about the ‘Trial of the Moonraven’, what the pressure pads actually do, and how to unlock the Phylactery / Overlook Thulian Transport chamber with the complete guide below.

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Unlock A Secret Room & Get All 6 Perks | Trial of the Moonraven Guide


At the start of ‘The Frozen Dawn’, you’ll find a pressure pad near the entrance to Thule. You need to earn kills near it to unlock the secret door to the underground civilization. If you continue to get kills, the pad will glow.

Why? Because there are three pressure pads, which when charged, will unlock one of the last Thulian Chambers on the map. This extra transport isn’t just for convenience. Sometimes, it’ll send you into a secret area called the “Trial of the Moonraven” — and it is a trial indeed. Complete the trial, and you’ll get all six perks.

  1. Charge all three pressure plates until they glow with red energy. There are three on the map, and the first is required to unlock the main area.
    • Pad #1: Crash Site – Right next to the ice door to Thule.
    • Pad #2: Blood Altar – To the right of the door as you enter, near the perk machine on the upper level.
    • Pad #3: Overlook – In a secret alcove in the rock wall behind the blood pool required for the Thulian Shield, near the door to the Orrery. You must obtain the Thulian Flail (Broken Flail) and throw the teleporter into the room to access this extremely hard-to-find pad.
  2. After charging all three pressure pads, the Thulian Transport chamber will open in the hallway connecting the Phylactery with the Overlook. It costs 250 points to enter.
    • Randomly, this particular Thulian Transport will teleport you into the “Moonraven Trial” room. It might take 20+ attempts before it happens.
    • When you enter the Moonraven Trial, the fast-travel will costs much more than 250 points.
  3. Inside the ‘Moonraven Trial’ you’ll need to find four metal nails in the dark area. Collect them, then find a pedestal with a hand-print on it. Place all four nails on this place, then interact with your hand. All six perks will spawn after you complete the ritual.
    • The nails can appear on the pedestals, or inside the skulls of skeleton bodies sticking up out of the blood.
    • You have a limited time to complete the trial. You only have a handful of minutes — so look carefully and look fast. You have enough time to search the entire room, so be thorough.

Follow those steps, and you’ll complete the trial and unlock yet another weird secret in a Zombies map.

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