God of War (2018): How To Get The Best Armor Sets | Valkryie, Magma & Mist

As any self-respecting God of War knows, you can’t go into battle wearing low level rags. Kratos needs the best-of-the-best armored outfits, and unlocking the toughest sets can get pretty tricky. Here, we’re going to break down exactly how to get legendary armor for Kratos. Each set comes with a special bonus you (probably) won’t want to miss — lower your Runic power cooldown, get passive health regeneration, and so much more.

Some of the sets spotlighted here aren’t exactly the best or strongest armor in the game. Some armor is best suited for different playstyles — if you prefer fire defense, or want to unleash runic attacks faster than before. When you’re stuck in the snowy post-game, it’s a good idea to keep scrolling to the bottom, where we’ll showcase the top-tier armor sets you’ll want to acquire to complete Niflheim and defeat the ultimate bosses in the game, the Valkyries.

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How To Get The Best Armor Sets | Valkyrie, Magma & Mist


Muspelheim Fire Armor

These sets are specifically designed for Muspelheim, the realm that’s always on fire. You can boost your attack with fire buffs, create a flaming aura to burn enemies while you block, and more — like the Niflheim armor listed below, this set is pretty weak when you first get it, but through upgrades it gets up to Level 8.

  • Find the four Muspelheim language ciphers to unlock Muspelheim in the travel room. Check the entry below for more details on finding all the ciphers, but the Muspelheim ciphers are the first ones you’ll get.
  • In Muspelheim, Brok will sell the different armor types. You can buy them after completing certain trials in the realm — trials are challenges that get more difficult with each tier.
    • There are six tiers of challenges. Complete each set (there are two challenges per trial) to reach the top level. Once you defeat the Valkyrie on the mountain summit, you’ll unlock additional challenges.
  • To fully upgrade the Muspelheim Fire Armor, you’ll need to acquire rare materials. You can only get these by completing the post-Valkyrie challenges and unlocking Sutr’s Hidden Trials at the top of the mountain.
  • Complete three post-Valkyrie trials to get three keys to unlock Sutr’s Hidden Trials at the top. Finish his trial to get rare items like the Crest of Sutr or the Greater Crest of Flame.

The real challenge is upgrading the armor to make it amazing. You’ll need lots of other resources too — purchase from the blacksmith brothers, or just check your resources tab to find where each type of resource is located.

Valkyrie Armor

The Valkyrie Armor is the most impressive armor set in the game. If you want Kratos to get this shimmering, gold look — this is your best bet.

You’ll find it by defeating three specific Valkyries, which are optional bosses hidden in realms or in Hidden Chambers. You’ll want to wait until the end of the game to try to acquire these pieces. Follow this link for help finding all the ciphers you’ll need to unlock Niflheim and Muspelheim.

With all the areas unlocked, you’ll be able to acquire a full set of Valkyrie armor by defeating three specific Valkyries.

  • Waistguard of the Valkyrie: Defeat Valkyrie Olrun to get this piece. Her Hidden Chamber location will appear on your map after you complete the main story.
  • Gauntlets of the Valkyrie: Defeat Valkyrie Gondul in Muspelheim. She’s found at the top of the trial mountain — complete the ten trials (there are two trials per arena) to reach her. She’s very, very tough, so go prepared.
  • Cuirass of the Valkyrie: Defeat Valkyrie Hildr in Niflheim. She’s in the back chamber of the random dungeon. Grind for items to slow down the fog meter so you can defeat her — generally, she’s pretty weak compared to Gondul.

Not only is this armor powerful, it will also lower runic attack cooldowns, turning you into a wrecking ball if you’ve got all these pieces equipped at the same time.

Ivaldi’s Armor [The Best Armor Set]

This incredibly powerful set truly shows its worth when you fully upgrade it, which is agonizingly expensive and requires materials only acquired in Niflheim and Muspelheim. The set adds a passive buff that constantly heals Kratos.

To get Ivaldi’s Armor, you’ll need to enter Niflheim. Check the entry above for more details on how to reach Niflheim, or check out our farming guide for all the Niflheim details you need.

Ivaldi’s Armor comes in three sets — Deadly Mist Set, Endless Mist Set, and Cursed Mist Set. Each has a different bonus, but the best for most players will be the Deadly Mist Set. Each set starts out rusted, but becomes more powerful with constant upgrades.

  • After arriving in Niflheim, talk to Sindri and begin his quest.
  • Collect 500 mist echoes.
  • Return to get the key to Ivaldi’s Workshop.
  • Use the key on the pedestal in the first room of the random dungeon.
  • Collect the 9 armor pieces and return to Sindri.

Now you can start crafting the best possible armor. I recommend sticking with just one armor set and upgrading it — don’t waste resource son more than one. Any of these three is incredibly useful, and you’ll get stronger buffs for wearing three pieces in the same set.