God of War (2018): All Realm Tears Locations | Dust of Realms Guide

Seen any mysterious black holes floating around Midgard lately? In God of War, the big man himself Kratos can find strange objects called Realm Tears. These holes in the fabric of reality actually give you some pretty good rewards — if you can deal with the deadly enemies they spawn. Early in the game, the enemies are going to crush Kratos, so it’s best to leave most of these Realm Tears for later.

Realm Tears always reward you with rare crafting material you can’t find anywhere else. You’ll need it to upgrade certain sets of armor, so hang onto all that Dust of Realms (and other items) you get from finding all of these. There are 18 total, but they’re a little tricky to find sometimes — instead of just lingering somewhere, sometimes you’ll have to solve a puzzle or activate a blue crystal to make these things spawn.

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All Realm Tears Locations | Dust of Realms Guide

When you find a Realm Tear, you’ll be able to collect one of several different types of upgrade materials. The tougher the tear, the better the materials you’ll get. Early, you’ll find ‘Dust of Realms’ — but that will upgrade as you get further in the game, and find Realm Tears in harder locations.

A Realm Tear is a strange black void that floats at about chest-level with Kratos. To find them, you’ll need to reach certain locations — or activate Alfheim crystals to make them appear. Sometimes, when you attempt to close a tear, enemies will spawn. Defeat them to collect the reward.


Wild Woods

  • Realm Tear #1: The first Realm Tear is found near Kratos’ house in the Wild Woods. Return to the start of the game and backtrack through the backyard, cutting down the Hel brambles to reach a Hidden Chamber. The tear is in the arena, in the last room of the chamber.

Lake of the Nine

  • Realm Tear #2: In the Vanaheim tower that leads to the Mountain Foothills, enter the tower and look above the blocked door between the two markers. Activate the three blue crystals with Atreus to make a realm tear appear. There is one above each door in this room.
  • Realm Tear #3: Right on the Niflheim Tower.
  • Realm Tear #4: Enter the Forgotten Caverns through the actual cave. Drop off through the underground boat dock beach and climb up. It leads up to one of the nine towers with a realm tear for you to collect.
  • Realm Tear #5: On the Alfheim Tower.


  • Realm Tear #6: Solve the gate puzzle in the Light Elf Sanctuary (to the right) in the lake area to find this tear on a ledge overlooking the temple.
  • Realm Tear #7: Enter the tree in the second optional area (to the left) in the lake area. In the tree, light up the three blue crystals with Atreus’ arrows to make the realm tear appear.


  • Realm Tear #8: Behind the secret throne room door, you’ll find a long path leading up to the top of the castle. There’s a hill with this realm tear at the end of the region.

Council of the Valkyries

  • Realm Tear #9: At this beach, climb up to the cliff ledge that’s near the right oarsman statue. There’s a purple chest and a Realm Tear floating near the edge.


  • Realm Tear #10-12: There are three realm tears in the center of Ivaldi’s Workshop. To access Niflheim, you’ll need to find the four Niflheim language ciphers, then you can enter the foggy world. Inside, talk to Sindri to begin a quest to construct the key to the center of the workshop.
    • There are three realm tears in the center of the workshop. The trick is — you can only use them with a huge amount of Mist Echoes in your inventories. Continue to play through Niflheim until you’ve got enough Mist Echoes to unlock all three. It’s going to take awhile.

Light Elf Outpost

  • Realm Tear #13: At the top of the outpost, carry a blue crystal and place it in the slot, then shoot it with a light arrow to make the tear appear.


  • Realm Tear #14: Found on the high hill of the Veithurgard area proper. When you land at the small town with the dock, look up and right. The tear is up on the ledge. Go through the gate and climb up to reach it.

The Mountain

  • Realm Tear #15: Past the blacksmith shop near the summit, there’s a ledge (you can climb down from the long snowy path) that leads to a balcony with this realm tear easily visible in the center. You can’t miss it on your second visit to the mountain.

Thamur’s Corpse

  • Realm Tear #16: Outside the corpse, when you have a good view of the face, there’s a blue crystal you can collect along the right side of the ice field. Destroy the brambles with a red crystal, then grab the blue crystal and slot it. The slot is near a stone ruin wall.
  • Realm Tear #17: In the hallway past the frozen throne room, you’ll find an empty blue crystal slot. Blast the brambles on the ceiling with an explosive crystal to make a blue crystal fall down. Now you can grab it, slot it, and use the realm tear.

Council of Valkyries

  • Realm Tear #18: The last realm tear will only appear in the Council of Valkyries once you’ve defeated all eight Valkyries and placed their helmets on the chairs of the council chamber. After that, a realm tear will appear in the center. Interact with it to fight the Queen of the Valkyries.