God of War (2018): All Nornir Chest Locations & Solutions Guide

Keep Kratos fully upgraded with these Nornir chest locations in God of War — special puzzle chests you can only open by smashing a trio of seals. This is just one type of chest (out of three), but we’ll be covering the standard chests as well, just to give you a few bonus items while you’re tracking down all the collectibles. Nornir chests aren’t chest special because they’re locked; they always contain either a rage upgrade or a health upgrade. Basically, you don’t want to miss these chests.

Standard wooden chests? Those are okay to miss. Not that you’d want to — chests are full of items to help you craft and purchase from stores. Instead of opening a wooden chest, Kratos just smashes the top open like an insane person. It’s pretty awesome, and worth it just for the quick animation alone. We’ll try to document all the chests we encounter throughout the game, but the Nornir chests should really be your top priority.

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All Nornir Chest Locations & Solutions Guide

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for new updates as we play through the game.]


The Wildwoods

  • Chest #1: Under the first stone bridge you encounter in the game.
  • Chest #2: To the right, in the field past the first chest. On your first playthrough, Atreus will target a deer here. At the ruins, find an optional path to your right (instead of following the deer) — there’s a chest there.
  • Nornir Chest #1 [Health Upgrade]: Bust through the planks in the ruins (where the deer darted left) — there are three seals you’ll need to break. One is in a coffin to your left, one is right of the chest, and the last one is opposite the chest, hanging out above Kratos.
  • Chest #3: After leaving the temple, stick to the left to find a chain you can climb. At the top, blow open the gate with an explosive pot. The gate leads to a chest.
  • Chest #4 & #5: There are two chests in the hidden area, available only after you’ve completed the main story. Return to the boss arena and climb out, sticking to the left wall. That leads into an area with a scroll, a Realm Tear, and two wooden chests.

River Pass

  • Chest #1: In the cavern with the first revenant enemy, climb up on the right side to find a chest.
  • Nornir Chest #2 [Health Upgrade]: After fighting the revenant, hop over the gap in the ground and look left for a nornir chest along a large pile of collapsed wooden debris. The closest seal is right of the chest, another is next to a chain on a high cliff further right, and the last one is past the bridge where you can push down both sides, through a hole in the cave wall.
  • Chest #2: Knock down the bridge near Brok the vendor to find a chest below.
  • Nornir Chest #3 [Rage Upgrade]: After escaping the spiked ceiling puzzle, you can acquire the Nornir chest you missed. Just climb on the spiked platform that dropped down. One seal is through the path to the left, past a wooden barricade. Another is directly above the chest itself. The last one is above, too — use the windmill to raise the spiked platform up to a walkway. The last seal is directly above the windmill.
  • Chest #3: After defeating the troll in the arena, climb up the ledge on the right side to find a chest.
  • Nornir Chest #4 [Health Upgrade]: The last nornir chest in this area is on the cliff of the troll arena. To open it, you’ll need to quickly ring three bells — you only have about 5-10 seconds, so ring them all quickly. Throw your axe at each bell to unlock it.
  • Chest #4: Dropping into the destroyed, burned down village, immediately turn around to look under your previous platform.
  • Nornir Chest #5 [Rage Upgrade]: The fourth chest is located inside the Witch’s Cave. Break the seal in the Hidden Chamber to the right after using the lift. Another is to the left, on the rocky ledge where Atreus can extend the bridges. The last one is through the red brambles to the left of the chest itself, across the ethereal bridge.
  • Nornir Chest #6 [Health Upgrade]: Climb out of the underground Witch’s Cave through the well to find the final Nornir chest in the above ground area. Up above, use the Sand Bowl puzzle to rebuild the rune-shaped stones at the end of the path, then solve the puzzle — bring the Wind of Hei energy to the Nornir chest up the chain, to the left.


  • Nornir Chest #7 [Rage Upgrade]: Past Sindri’s shop, continue on to a set of doors. Use the scorn pole on your left, then follow the right path until you find a Nornir chest. Instead of bells or seals, you’ll have to match runes by spinning poles. One pole is right behind the chest itself. Another is back down the path you just took — backtrack to find it. The last pole is in the deadly fog generated by the scorn pole.
  • Chest #1: Found on the cliff above Sindri’s store. It’s to the left, and climbing up the cliff.


  • Nornir Chest #8: In the Light Elf Sanctuary, you’ll find a gazebo-like structure filled with bells. Ring each bell with your axe — most of them are fakes, the real ones will actually ring. Find the three real bells and then ring them quickly to unlock the chest.
  • Nornir Chest #9: The second chest for this area is down in the Ringed Temple Trench. It’s in the back-left of the trench itself. One of the seals is in a high alcove, opposite the nornir chest — use the wheel to drop the floor down, then enter the alcove behind you. The other two are only visible when the center of the floor is lowered — lower the center with the wheel, then freeze the gear in place so you can smash the two last seals with Kratos’ fists.
  • Nornir Chest #10: The next chest is to the left of the main doors leading to the Temple of Light. Break the two glowing bulbs with a single axe throw to access it. One bell is behind the chest itself, while the other two are in the courtyard. Ring them all quickly to unlock the chest.
  • Nornir Chest #11: Through the door to the Temple of Light, you’ll find another Nornir chest with bells to ring. One is just behind the chest, another is through the window to the left of the chest, and the third is on the stones to the right when you climbed up to the chest.

The Mountain

  • Nornir Chest #12 [Rage Upgrade]: Past the large statue and into the underground area with a bridge (and a second bridge above it), take the left fork and extend the light bridge with Atreus. Up above, you’ll find a nornir chest straight ahead — but there are no icons. Light up the lamp near the chest to see the icons painted on the wall. Find the three poles to match the icons; one is visible to the left, on the upper bridge. The second and third poles are left / right of the light bridge.
  • Nornir Chest #13 [Health Upgrade]: From the summit, after reaching the green garden at the top, drop down into the snow and continue across the narrow path to another icy cave. There’s a nornir chest in the far end of the cave after dropping down. One seal is to the left of the bridge. The second seal is on the upper level, to the right after you raise the bridge. The last seal is in the shrine room, to the left of the chest.


  • Nornir Chest #14: You can’t miss this chest. It’s located left of the huge dragon held in captivity. You’ll pass it as you circle around the environment to reach the opposite end of the bridge. The seals are a little tricky — one is near the tall stone ruins, one is on the rocky ledges facing the water, and the last is in the area to the right of the chest.

Light Elf Outpost

  • Nornir Chest #15: Found right at the start of this area. The first seal you’ll need to break is on the ruins jutting out of the water, another is near the charged crystal slot, and the last one is beside the chains leading back to the docks.


  • Nornir Chest #16: The chest is located at the top of the large doors — all you have to do is solve the puzzle. You’ll need to move the Hel’s Wind so you can hit both sides of the rune orb, then hit the right rune to complete this challenge.

Lookout Tower

  • Nornir Chest #17: Found near the landing area when you arrive with your boat. Throw your axe at the spinning “switch” above your chest to retract the spikes, then hit all three visible runes to unlock this chest.

Cliffs of the Raven

  • Nornir Chest #18: This is another Hel’s Wind puzzle, so you won’t be able to complete it until later in the game. The chest is located in the middle of the area. Take the winds of Hel (near the docks gate) and transport it to the holding spot, beside yet another large gate. Bring the winds to each of the rune poles to align and match the three runes on the chest to unlock it.

Tyr’s Temple

  • Nornir Chest #19: Deep within the underground of the temple, you’ll travel down into a dungeon-like area late in the game’s story. You’ll find it to the left of the first room, behind a spike trap. There are three seals; one is attached to the second spike trap leading to the chest, one is on the structure holding up the spike trap in the second room, and the last one is in the previous treasure room.


  • Nornir Chest #20: Later in the story, you’ll make a return trip to Helheim with Atreus. Before riding the spectral ship, you’ll find the Nornir chest — it’s to the left of the dock. Grab the huge block and push it into the hole to create a platform to the area. You’ll need to use the Blades of Chaos to destroy the bramble to free a second block and move it to access all three runes. The first is to the left of the second block we just freed. The second is on the opposite side of the area from the second block. The last one is above — push the block then climb on top of it to find it.

Forgotten Caverns

  • Nornir Chest #21: Another easy-to-find chest located near the landing point. Just hit all three bells in quick succession above the chest to unlock this one.

Fafnir’s Storeroom

  • Nornir Chest #22: You can collect this before actually entering the storeroom proper. Ring the two bells above the chest, then look left and ring the last bell above the waterfall.