God of War (2018): Unlock Witch Time & Improve Parry | Best Talismans Guide

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Don’t think God of War has enough character-action game flavor? Now you can unlock Bayonetta’s Witch Time (and a more generous parry window) with some of the best early game talismans. Not only can you dodge and counterattack like a Platinum Games hero, you can also make your blocking even more useful. Blocking isn’t that important — it’s the parry you really want to improve.

Below, we’ll explain exactly where to find both talismans very early in Kratos’ adventures through Midgard. They’re so useful, you might end up using these talismans for most of the 20+ hour story. That’s a long time, and they’re both pretty easy to miss if you’re rushing through each region. Here’s where to go, what to do, and why you’ll want these talismans.

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Unlock Witch Time & Improve Parry With These Talismans | Best Gear Guide

[These talismans can be collected very early — it only takes a few hours of gameplay to reach these locations, if you know where to look.]

Golden Talisman of Protection

This powerful talisman is useful from the start of the game to the very end. You can get it as soon as you arrive in the Lake of the Nine. It improves recovery time, increases defense when blocking, and slightly lengthens your parry window.

  • To find the Golden Talisman of Protection, go to Stone Falls — the location is northeast of the temple, available once you unlock the temple in the center of the Lake of the Nine.
    • You’ll stop at Stone Falls to access Veithurgard in the story, but you can visit this hidden area whenever you want.
  • In Stone Falls, you’ll have to solve a puzzle to get through the bridge. Knock down the bridge after opening the door, and go past the NPC spirit — circle back around to the door that leads back to the Revenant arena — lower the gate and use the lowered bridge.
  • Back in the Revenant arena, you can access a new door to the right — there’s a legendary chest here with the talisman.

Amulet of Kvasir

Another talisman you can unlock very early in the game. Once you’re able to explore Alfheim, you’ll be able to get this talisman. This one works like a standard Platinum dodge (Witch Time) — when Kratos dodges an attack, you’ll slow down time and unleash a torrent of counter-attacks.

  • In Alfheim, you’ll eventually reach an area called the Light Elf Sanctuary. Find the Realm Tear past the crank gate and continue on beyond the bridge made of roots. From this high vantage, you’ll be able to see the beach where you first started the area.
  • From here, throw your axe to break the root nodes, making a tunnel appear — drop down and you’ll reach a room with a wheel crank. Use it to solve the root puzzle (break all three with a single throw) to make the legendary chest appear. Crack it open to get the amulet.