God of War (2018): How To Unlock Every Shortcut | Mystic Gateway Locations Guide

Midgard is a big place in God of War, and if you don’t want to take long, long walks to retrace your steps, you’ll need to find shortcuts — or Mystic Gateways. There are fast travel points found in every region, making revisits after you’ve completing objectives (or the game) much, much more convenient.

Mystic Gateways are basically found at the start of every region — usually near a major point of interest, like the start of a region, or inside a Hidden Chamber. Even with Mystic Gateways unlocked, you’ll have to walk pretty far to reach certain areas of the map; that’s where regular shortcuts come in handy. Sometimes you’ll be able to instantly reach one area from another with the right equipment. We’ll also add any regular shortcuts we find to the list below.

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How To Unlock Every Shortcut | Mystic Gateway Locations Guide



The Wildwoods

  • Mystic Gateway #1: Found right at the start of the game, you can’t miss it.
  • Shortcut: Returning to Kratos’ house after completing the game, go to the field behind the house and smash the brambles with the Blades of Chaos to unlock a shortcut.
  • Mystic Gateway #2: Open the hidden chamber after the first boss fight arena — it’s out of the arena, along the left wall. Further in the hidden area, you’ll find a Mystic Gateway. Ahead, you’ll find more end-game enemies and a Realm Tear arena.

River Pass

  • Mystic Gateway #3: Still in the Wildwood’s Edge, find this gateway before crossing the bridge.
  • Mystic Gateway #4: As Kratos reaches a new location from his little ship, the gateway is to your left.
  • Mystic Gateway #5: The last mystic gateway is found in the Hidden Chamber, located in the Witch’s Cave. Take the right path below the bridge and cross the ethereal bridges (made by Atreus) to find red brambles — blow those up and you’ll smash the path to the chamber door.


  • Mystic Gateway #6: The only Mystic Gateway in this area is found past the Sindri vendor. Climb the narrow cliff up the left path to reach a cavern with a Hidden Chamber door.

The Mountain

  • Mystic Gateway #7: This is found in the Hidden Chamber of Odin — easy to spot, just return after beating the game and find the gateway in the back-right corner of the room where you’ll find the first mountain vendor.
  • Mystic Gateway #8: Late in the game, the “Summit” gateway will unlock automatically. You’ll be able to collect it when you travel to it. You may need to rebuild it from the Summit.

Volunder Mines

[To access Volunder Mines, talk to Brok in Tyr’s Temple to begin his favor “Second Hand Soul.”]

  • Mystic Gateway #9: Found right at the start of Volunder Mines, near where you step off the lift.

Lake of the Nine

  • Mystic Gateway #10: On the Lookout Tower beach, straight ahead from the boat dock.
  • Mystic Gateway #11: Climb the Lookout Tower rocks to reach the giant gate. Exit through the large doors to find this gateway on the tower exterior.
  • Mystic Gateway #12: This one is on the Niflheim Tower.
  • Mystic Gateway #13Land on the Isle of Death. Climb up to the old boat dock white flag and hop down to a ledge to find it.
  • Mystic Gateway #14: Go to the Forgotten Caverns and sprint straight ahead from the beach landing spot.
  • Mystic Gateway #15: On the tower you can reach by climbing up from the Forgotten Caverns boat dock.
  • Mystic Gateway #16: Another Mystic Gateway is at the Ruins of the Ancient, right next to the beach landing spot.
  • Mystic Gateway #17: At the boat dock at the Mason’s Channel.
  • Mystic Gateway #18: On the exterior of Alfheim Tower.
  • Mystic Gateway #19: The last Mystic Gateway in this region is at Stone Falls. Climb up to the bridge and jump the gap where the water is falling — ahead, the gateway is to the right.


  • Mystic Gateway #20: The one and only gateway in Alfheim is in the Hidden Chamber, located at the left-most optional beach at the lake.


  • Mystic Gateway #21: The only Mystic Gateway in Helheim is in the Hidden Chamber. Blast the red crystal in the area with the raised walkway bridges — it leads into a Hidden Chamber.


  • Mystic Gateway #22: Just to the left, next to the long dock right where you land, at the actual Veithurgard beach that leads up to the castle.


  • Mystic Gateway #23: Landing at the beach in the cave tunnel, the gateway is right before the door leading to the main exterior area of Konunsgard.
  • Mystic Gateway #24: Found up the bridge, to the left of the main castle.

Fafnir’s Storeroom

  • Mystic Gateway #25: Just before reaching the shop, you’ll find this fast travel door.

Northri Stronghold

  • Mystic Gateway #26: Found at the first boat landing spot in Northri Gorge.
  • Mystic Gateway #27: Another one you can’t miss. It’s right next to Sindri’s shop.

Thamur’s Corpse

  • Mystic Gateway #28: Right next to the boat dock when you land on the path to Thamur’s Corpse, from the Lake of the Nine.
  • Mystic Gateway #29: Inside the Hidden Chamber, which is located near the giant fallen hand of Thamur’s Corpse.

Tyr’s Temple

  • Mystic Gateway #30: You can’t miss this one. It’s the first gateway you’ll unlock, it’s located across from Brok’s shop in the temple center.

Council of the Valkyries

  • Mystic Gateway #31: Found in the council chamber itself — that’s the big circular room with all the seats. You’ll need to place the Valkyrie helmets you collect here.


  • Mystic Gateway #32-37: There are a total of six Mystic Gateways just in Muspelheim alone. You’ll find one in the areas between each and every trial. There are six trials total, so you’ll stumble into them as you complete each successive trial — once you reach the Valkyrie at the end, you’ll have all the gateways.

Landsuther Mines

  • Mystic Gateway #38: This one is located next to the shop.